Theros Beyond Death Limited Set Review Featuring MTGNerdGirl
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Mr. Wizard


Two of the most exciting Modern cards in Dominaria are Wizard's Lightning and Wizard's Retort. There are a lot of great Wizards in Modern, ranging from Snapcaster Mage to Vendilion Clique, and getting access to additional copies of Lightning Bolt an honest-to-goodness Counterspell has the potential to change everything in Modern. This week, Ryan Overturf eschewed Wizard's Retort, but is ready to show us just how aggressive Wizards can be with eight Lightning Bolts:

Wizard's Lightning
This deck is exciting. It's effectively a burn deck, featuring eight incredible one-drops backed up by Snapcaster Mage and Stormchaser Mage. Besides Grim Lavamancer and Snapcaster Mage, all of your threats have Prowess, which means they play incredibly well with the high density of cheap cantrips and spells in this deck.

This deck has two big strengths. The first is that you can quickly steal games from your opponent by combining cheap prowess creatures with Lightning Bolts. The second is that, even if your opponent can stop your early beat down, your cantrips give you an incredible ability to dig into Lightning Bolts, Wizard's Lightnings, and Snapcaster Mage. That means that you only need to chip in for a couple points of damage before your opponent has to be afraid of getting burned out.

If you're trying to player a Delver-style tempo deck with cheap threats and interaction, this seems like a great shell to do it. There's lots of room to make space for specific interactive cards depending on what you expect to play against - Spell Snares or even Harbinger of the Tides depending on what, in particular, you're trying to race and interact with.

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