Throne of Eldraine
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For many years, we’ve seen various takes on Veteran Explorer in Legacy. In recent months that strategy has been largely unpopular due to the prevalence of Miracles and the density of basic lands they run. Symmetric Veteran Explorers aren’t nearly as fun as asymmetric ones, after all. However, now that Sensei's Divining Top has been banned, we’re seeing a resurgence of Delver of Secrets variants, which may mean it’s time to dust off the Veteran Explorers and Cabal Therapys to see what we can do:

Veteran Explorer
The best thing about Veteran Explorer decks is that you get to play all the awesome cards that are powerful enough for Legacy but just a little too inefficient. Take Thragtusk and Pernicious Deed for example. These cards are enormously powerful, but cost so much more than Daze, Stifle, and Wasteland that you’re unlikely to see their effects matter. Unless, of course, you ramp extra basics into play. The idea is that you’re a control deck that can ramp out better answers than other control decks. While other players are worried about Snapcaster Mage and Swords to Plowshares, you’ve got Pernicious Deed powered by Veteran Explorer.

Your goal is to resolve an early Veteran Explorer and utilize cards like Cabal Therapy and Phyrexian Tower to make sure it hits the graveyard and you get extra lands. From there, you’re trying to generate value off of cards that are more expensive that anything your opponents are playing, such as Thragtusk, Grave Titan, and more. This deck chooses to have Jace, the Mind Sculptor as its primary top end, but you also have a myriad of copies of Baleful Strix to keep large creatures in check.

Of course, the most exciting thing about this variant is that you get to play Tireless Tracker to go with your fetchlands and Veteran Explorers, ensuring you have a steady stream of Clues to crack and mana to sink into them. Combine with that the ability to use Brainstorm to make sure you have the right combination of threats and answers for a given moment, and I think you’ve got a strategy that can keep up with a crazy format like Legacy.

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