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It's Academic


Most Legacy players are familiar with the Nic Fit shell. When Delver and other greedy three- or four-color decks get too prominent, Veteran Explorer becomes an incredibly powerful one-mana ramp spell that lets you play cards that cost five or more mana which are far out of reach of typical Legacy decks. Pamp0's deck is based on the same principle, but the haymakers are different than the typical Pernicious Deeds, Thragtusks, and Grave Titans. Let's take a look:

Academy Rector
Pamp0 is teaming up two creatures that love to be sacrificed: Veteran Explorer and Academy Rector. The result is a super interesting deck with all manner of obscure cards, and I have no idea how powerful it actually is. The cross section between a cheap ramp spell and a card that cheats out Enchantments is that you want to play a bunch of very expensive and powerful enchantments. Typically, the only expensive enchantments that see Legacy play are Omniscience and Dream Halls. However, without cards like Progenitus, Griselbrand, or Emrakul to cheat in, those enchantments aren't really what this deck is looking for.

Instead, you've got really interesting, flexible, but eminently castable options. Pernicious Deed lets you reset the board against aggressive and midrange decks. Dovescape shuts off most avenues for victory for control and combo decks, particularly when teamed up with Curse of Death's Hold. Speaking of which, Curse of Death's Hold is all but a hard lock against decks like Elves. Ground Seal is incredible against decks that are reliant on the graveyard, whether they are Snapcaster Mage decks, Deathrite Shaman decks, or even Dread Return decks. Evolutionary Leap is where things start getting interesting. This card is consistent sacrifice outlet that allows you turn your Lingering Souls tokens into additional looks at Academy Rector, which makes it easier to get subsequent combo pieces into play.

Then there are the heavy hitters. Overwhelming Splendor is a one-sided humility and locks them out of activated abilities. Once again, this teams up with Curse of Death's Hold to lock out opposing creature decks. On the other side of things, there's Cruel Reality, which is a crazy haymaker against control decks, putting them on minimal resources and a quick clock.

If you're looking for a whacky deck that will make your opponent read all of your cards, this seems like a blast to play. The fact that you can tutor enchantments into play means that you can play all manner of matchup-dependent enchantments if you know what you're expecting to see at your local event. Legacy is a huge format, and there are a myriad of ways that you can lock opponents out of the game if you know what it is that they are trying to do.

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