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Ivory Tower


Pauper UrzaTron decks are among my favorite decks in any format. Pauper is a very fast format, so there's a lot of tension in figuring out how to ensure that you assemble Tron early enough to stay in the game, as well as what kinds of powerful cards you need to claw your way back into things. Most Tron decks are either Blue-based for Mulldrifter and Capsize or Green-based for Ancient Stirrings and Fangren Marauder. This week, mlovbo has eschewed both of these takes for a really interesting build of White Tron:

Sanctum Gargoyle
This deck knows exactly what it wants to be doing. You have the same early-game cantrip package of Prophetic Prisms and Chromatic Spheres and Stars to help you dig toward missing Urza lands. Thraben Inspector and Kor Skyfisher are early plays that hold down the board while you set up your mana.

What's interesting about this deck is what you do once you're set up. The easy answer is that you can cast an Ulamog's Crusher and bury your opponent in Annihilator triggers. However, you also have the backup of valuing your opponent out of the game by looping Sanctum Gargoyles and Custodi Squires to gum up the board while you become the Monarch and hide behind your creatures.

Prismatic Strands and Sunbeam Spellbomb give you game against the fast decks in the format -- Burn, Stompy, and Inside Out. Perhaps the most interesting card in this deck is Rhystic Circle, which is a Circle of Protection of sorts. It's color-intensive to cast, which isn't great, but it forces your opponent to pay a bunch of mana if they want to try to deal damage. They have to attack their creatures into your recursion engine, hope not to get destroyed by Prismatic Strands, and even then you can force them to tap out to try to deal damage.

All in all, this is a really interesting take on Tron that is wholly committed to staying in one color. One of the biggest strengths of this type of Tron deck is that you have so many free sources of colored mana to let you splash cards like Ancient Stirrings, Adventurous Impulse, and Fangren Marauder if you were so inclined, as well as a myriad of powerful sideboard options. If you're looking to try something new in Pauper, this seems like a really interesting take on Urza Tron.

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