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Blossoming Ideas


With the banning of Deathrite Shaman and Gitaxian Probe, Legacy is going to be shaken up in a big way. Oddly enough, the banning of two of the fastest cards in the format may skew the format towards even faster decks. Since midrange decks don’t have consistent acceleration and interaction and combo decks can’t easily check if the coast is clear, the format is likely to skew towards Temur Delver with Stifles, Wastelands, and more. When people are getting that low to the ground, it’s asking for something to come along and punish them for it:

Similarly to Modern, this seems like a deck that could punish both the fast tempo decks and the slower control decks of the format. Spellstutter Sprite is an incredible way to punish decks that rely on low land counts and lots of cantrips to sculpt their draws. This is particularly true when you have discard spells to clear away your opponent’s free interaction like Daze. Spellstutter Sprite is also great against decks that want to lean on Spell Pierce and Flusterstorm to win fights over counterspells.

One of the biggest strengths of this deck in the format is that can play almost entirely at instant-speed. That gives you a ton of play against control decks and tempo decks alike, since you can wait for them to commit mana to anything before you’re obligated to respond. Bitterblossom is also a super underrated card in this format, since it’s great against both Terminus decks and Delver of Secrets decks.

If you want to play a tempo-style of deck that has a high density of disruption, this may be one of the better shells to do it. You’ve got a flexible gameplan, which is a boon in a format that looks as polarized as this one, and the sheer density and breadth of disruption should be great against combo decks of all varieties. The one thing that this deck doesn’t have is a way to refuel, something like Ancestral Vision or Standstill - but maybe you just don’t need it with games being as fast as they are.

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