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The Cremator of the Crop

There have been all manner of takes on efficient Green and Red cards in Modern over the last couple of years. These have ranged from builds featuring Burning-Tree Emissary and Goblin Bushwhacker to Bloodbraid Elf builds featuring Eldrazi or Stone Rain to Domri Rade Zoo decks. That said, most of these decks are fundamentally fair, which isn’t necessarily a good thing in the current Modern metagame. Enter this deck by ArchMage, which takes a traditional rg beatdown plan with a combotastic finish. Let’s take a look:

Cragganwick Cremator
In a format defined by Lightning Bolt and Lightning Helix as removal spells, curving out with Strangleroot Geist and Steel Leaf Champion seems like a good place to be. The rest of the deck is packed with utility creatures, such as Fauna Shaman and Tireless Tracker to help grind out more midrangey matchups.

The interesting aspect of this deck is Cragganwick Cremator. This is a card that never really saw play, but seems like an interesting finisher for this style of deck. It can be easily tutored up via Eldritch Evolution and can deal absurd amounts of damage thanks to cards like Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and Worldspine Wurm. A huge part of this deck’s strength is the surprise of opponents potentially taking fifteen damage out of nowhere off of a card that most would deem unplayable. Once opponents know that they have to worry about getting one-shotted, a lot of your free wins disappear.

That said, if you’re looking to beat down and steal some games from control and combo decks, this seems like a fun way to get it done. Your core gameplan of Noble Hierarch and efficient creatures is solid, you’ve got a strong toolbox of midrange effects that you can find with Fauna Shaman and Eldritch Evolution, and your end game of just dealing fifteen to your opponent is a reasonable if not reliable backup.

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