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Horsin' Around


Coming out of Hour of Devastation, Crested Sunmare is a card that a lot of players are very excited about. On its face, it may seem like a card that’s destined for casual tables, but the effect is actually very powerful if you can consistently gain life. A 5/5 for five is a reasonable start and gaining life the turn you cast it puts it over the top. Backed up by some removal to buy you time to get to 5 mana, as well as a handful of midrange haymakers as supporting cast, and we have ourselves a Standard deck:

Crested Sunmare
This is a deck that looks rather innocuous on its surface, but has the ability to get out of control very quickly. Sacred Cat and Thraben Inspector are superstars at helping you buy time to start casting Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and Crested Sunmare. Sacred Cat in particular is great because it gives you a way to trigger Crested Sunmare the turn you cast it. Even if you have to chump attack to get your Sunmare trigger, it’s worth doing.

You also have Anointer Priest to help with Sunmare, as well as combo with your Hidden Stockpiles to help keep your head above water against beatdown decks. Things start getting out of hand when you add Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim to the mix. Ayli can sacrifice Sunmmare tokens on each players turn to quickly get your life total above thirty, which will let you start sacrificing leftover Sacred Cats and Servos to exile opposing permanents. You can also just sacrifice small tokens on each turn in order to start generating extra horses.

You’re a little concerned about sweepers, but the tokens from Sunmare are only vulnerable to Hour of Devastation, and people aren’t playing it that frequently. Additionally, if you ever manage to find a second Sunmare, your opponent is going to have a really tough time digging out of that hole. If you’re looking for a midrange deck that can gain enormous amounts of life against a deck like Ramunap Red and go over the top of opposing midrange decks, this seems like it should be able to get the job done with style.

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