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Combo Platter


Many of the popular strategies in Modern prominently feature creature-based combinations. What’s interesting about this is that there’s just enough overlap between some of these strategy that it’s worth exploring what happens if you start mixing and matching the engines of these various strategies. That’s especially true with Collected Company and Chord of Calling making it so easy to assemble pieces of various combos. We’ve seen a few attempts to combine Devoted Druid combinations with persist cards or Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, but what if we can get a little more power and a little lower to the ground?

Chord of Calling
At its core, this deck is very similar to other Collected Company variants we’ve seen. You’ve got a pile of efficient Green creatures that sometimes assemble into combinations that kill your opponent on the spot. The deck is tied together by the card advantage and selection provided by both Collected Company and Chord of Calling.

This is also yet another deck powered by the combination of Devoted Druid plus Vizier of Remedies. It’s hard to overstate just how substantial the effect of Vizier of Remedies on Modern has been. Previously, these decks would have had to play Wall of Roots instead as the creature that gives you three effective mana for Chord of Calling. The additional infinite mana combo that you can assemble is an enormous upside.

Like similar decks, this build is playing Duskwatch Recruiter as an infinite mana outlet, but is playing Rhonas the Indomitable rather than something like Walking Ballista as the actual win condition. The upside is that Rhonas is live as a creature that you can just cast or Collected Company into more often, but the downside is that you need to actually attack to kill your opponent. Given that you need to untap with a Devoted Druid in order to actually combo off anyway, that’s not really a substantial downside.

The most exciting aspect of this deck is the inclusion of the Knight of the Reliquary plus Retreat to Coralhelm combo. Knight is an enormously powerful card in general, just as a huge creature for three mana. However, what pushses this card over the top is the ability to find utility lands like Ghost Quarter or another infinite mana sink like Kessig Wolf Run.

If you’re looking for an aggressive deck that can win fair games off of Collected Company and powerful utility creatures while maintaining the ability to assemble combos if your opponent leaves you an opening, this is a great shell for it. You get to have some of the best aggressive creatures and can use them to force openings for the incredible creature-based tutors to get your opponent dead.

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