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Breakout Success


With the banning of Splinter Twin, one might have expected Kiki-Jiki combo decks to take their place. After all, the combo is only a turn slower and has many of the same advantages. However, the vulnerability to cards like Lightning Bolt and color-intensive cost of Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker have been prohibitive. This week, DaviusMinimus may have found a new way to make Kiki-Jiki happen:

Glittering Wish
This deck is awesome. DaviusMinimus has taken the shell of value creatures plus Kiki-Jiki and added a number of exciting pieces. Arbor Elf plus Utopia Sprawl gives you the ability to explode onto the board very quickly, and potentially combo your opponents before they are prepared. These cards also play well with Deceiver Exarch and its ability to untap your permanents to help catch your opponent off-guard.

Rather than the Eldritch Evolutions that some builds play, Davius has opted to play Bring to Light as the tutor of choice. This card can find all of your combo pieces as well as singleton value creatures that you can rebuy with Restoration Angel. Critically, this choice is that it also gives you access to multiple copies of powerful sideboard cards and eases the color-costs of Kiki-Jiki.

Additionally, this deck is playing Glittering Wish to provide even more utility. This card gives you maindeck access to matchup-breaking cards like Fiery Justice, combo pieces like Bounding Krasis, or Bring to Light to find Kiki-Jiki.

If you're looking for a midrangey combo deck that your opponents won't be prepare for, this seems like a fantastically customizable option.

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