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Mad Science


One of the most exciting decks to come out of Pro Tour Eldritch Moon was the Blue-Red burn deck featuring Fevered Visions and Thermo-Alchemist. While other players are trying to do tricky delirium and Collected Company things, that deck just uses Fevered Visions to throw burn spells at the opponent’s face until they’re dead. A few people have taken the idea of Thermo-Alchemist burn decks and tried different takes on the archetype to see if they can speed up the clock:

This build splashes black for Alms of the Vein and Collective Brutality rather than Blue for the likes of Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, Fevered Visions, or Thing in the Ice. The additional madness spell makes cards like Lightning Axe and Tormenting Voice more exciting, and gives you more explosive Thermo-Alchemist turns where you can cast Tormenting Voice into a madness spell to get extra Alchemist activations. Additionally, you gain access to Self-Inflicted Wound and Tainted Remedy out of the sideboard to fight against the midrangey decks that try to value you out with incidental lifegain.

The core of the deck is still very similar, but combination of Collective Brutality and Collective Defiance gives you plenty of ways to pull ahead on cards. Collective Brutality is particularly potent in this format where many decks are playing early creatures like Grim Flayer, Duskwatch Recruiter, or Gnarlwood Dryad as well as powerful instants and sorceries like Collected Company. Even better, discarding a card actually just allows you to cast your Alms of the Vein and Fiery Tempers on the cheap, rather than costing you a real resource. Collective Defiance is even better, providing you a way to keep the board stable and continue pressuring your opponent’s life total while also giving you an opportunity to turn blank spells into a couple more points of burn.

The most exciting part of this deck is the inclusion of the full four Bedlam Revelers. With eight one-mana madness cards as well as a plethora of early discard outlets, it’s easy to stock your graveyard and empty your hand for Bedlam Reveler. Better yet, when you discard your hand you can cast any remaining madness cards while still stocking up on a fresh grip of burn. Tormenting Voice helps find the first copy of Bedlam Reveler, and with the amount of burn available in this list, I’m not sure you’ll really need more than the first copy to close out most games.

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