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The Daily Grind


There's a huge swath of Artifact decks powered by Mox Opal in Modern, ranging from Cranial Plating decks to Krark-Clan Ironworks decks to Ensnaring Bridge decks. Because of the high density and power of these artifact decks in the format, there's a pretty high barrier to entry for new Artifact decks. Not only do they have to be doing something powerful, but they have to be able to compete with hate cards like Shatterstorm and Stony Silence that regularly see play because of the other artifact decks in the format. That kind of power and resiliency is a tall order, but Tenshi may have found a shell that fits the bill:

Grinding Station
This is a wonky deck that combines elements of several of the other degenerate artifact strategies to do something really interesting. You've got Scrap Trawlers and Chromatic Spheres like the Krark-Clan Ironworks decks. You've got Whir of Invention like the Lantern of Insight Decks, and you've got Ornithopter like the Affinity decks. Mox Opal and Darksteel Citadel tie everything together, of course. But what is this hodgepodge of cards actually trying to do?

There's a couple of avenues to victory. Against aggressive creature decks and control decks, you've got Thopter Foundry plus Sword of the Meek, with Whir of Invention and potentially Grinding Station to help find pieces. This combination helps you build up a board presence and keep your life total out of the red zone, and is a more than adequate mechanism for winning games against a broad range of decks.

However, the linear combo decks tend not to care about your ability to slowly accrue thopters. In those matchups, you turn to the more degenerate interactions in this deck. In those matchups, you're racing to find Grinding Station plus a combination of Scrap Trawler and Sly Requisitioner to let you put together a huge number of Grinding Station activations in a turn. Here's the idea: Using Grinding Station to sacrifice Chromatic Star nets you a card and a Scrap Trawler trigger, which can get you a Mox Opal or Ornithopter back, which turns into another Grinding Station activation. Each time you sacrifice one of these artifacts, you can be netting servos from Sly Requisitioner. With all of these pieces and a second Grinding Station, it looks like you can go infinite by sacrificing the Grinding Station to return a Springleaf Drum and then using the Drum to get back a Mox Opal.

If you're looking for a combotastic take on artifacts that has some of the combo potential of Krark-Clan Ironworks without being largely all-in on the combo route to victory, this is a deck with a strong backup plan of grinding people out with Thopters. Whir of Invention means that you can play all manner of silver bullets in your sideboard to shut down various strategies, and your maindeck plan is certainly robust and unique enough to catch people off guard.

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