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The Oncoming Storm


Storm has been a thing in Legacy ever since the printing of Tendrils of Agony. The archetype has only gotten stronger with the printing of cards like Ponder and Ad Nauseam, as well as Past in Flames and Gitaxian Probe more recently. That said, we still only ever see the ub based Storm decks — unless you’re willing to count Goblin Charbelcher as a Storm deck. That’s part of why it’s so exciting to see Vieko’s take on a Mono-Red version of storm:

The biggest strength of the ub Storm decks is how interactive and resilient they are. You can keep a hand full of mana, which is relatively resilient to discard spells, and then just draw Dark Petition or Ad Nauseam. You don’t even have to give up much in terms of raw speed in order to make room for some number of Duresses and Thoughtseizes.

This Red build gives up on all of that cheap interaction in favor of raw power. At a glance, yor have much, much more fast mana than the typical Storm decks, since you’re playing everything from Rite of Flame and Lion's Eye Diamond to Seething Song and Manamorphose. You also have a much higher density of spells that your opponent has to counter in Past in Flames and Burning Wish. The upside to Past in Flames being the spell that your opponent must counter is that you can reasonably generate enough mana to just flash it back even if they have a counterspell.

The other upside to this particular list is that you’re playing Act on Impulse, which is a spell that represents a ton of mana as well as the potential of finding one of your haymakers. The short of it is that you have a high density of mana and a number payoffs spells which make it more difficult for your opponent to identify when they should fire off their counterspell to effectively cut you off.

If you’re looking for something off the wall to bring to your next Legacy event, this is an exciting deck which is more than capable of winning in the first couple of turns. However, the inclusion of Ruby Medallion and card advantage spells means that you can also win protracted games through counterspells and other disruption. While it’s unlikely that this deck is going to be taking over the top tables any time soon, it’s an exciting variation on Storm that showcases a number of powerful and exciting interactions.

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