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Null and Void


Sometimes, Legacy is a highly interactive format that places enormous emphasis on the decisions that players make. Other times, one player gets locked out of the game on the first or second turn. Decks that try to lead Ancient Tomb into Chalice of the Void have existed for many years now, but recently they’ve gained a ton of exciting new tools that allow them to better prevent their opponent from ever playing the game. Here’s the most recent version I’ve seen:

Chalice of the Void
This deck has a ton of cards that can end the game early. Chalice of the Void is the most obvious, but Blood Moon, Trinisphere, and Magus of the Moon are all cards that can also reasonably prevent your opponent from ever casting a spell. Even Ensnaring Bridge can be positively backbreaking against decks that need to attack in order to beat you, such as Show and Tell. It’s even effective as a means of protecting your planeswalkers.

Speaking of planeswalkers, that’s an area where this deck has seen substantial improvement. Prior iterations of this deck relied almost exclusively on Gathan Raiders and Rakdos Pit Dragon to win the game. It turns out that Chandra, Torch of Defiance is a much better way to do that, since it gives you mana acceleration, card advantage, and a way to interact. Similarly, Koth of the Hammer is a much better way to pressure your opponent, since you can attack along multiple angles or try to power out multiple threats in a turn.

Perhaps the most interesting new inclusion is Fiery Confluence. This is a card that is enormously powerful in Vintage, because destroying artifacts is particularly relevant. However, in Legacy the ability to have a scaling Pyroclasm that can also destroy single large targets is pretty reasonable, especially when you’re trying to protect powerful planeswalkers and don’t expect your opponents to be able to play many follow-up spells.

If you’re looking to play one-sided Magic, this is one of the better decks in the format at ensuring that. From the first turn, your opponent never gets to do anything that matters.

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