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Much like Spirits, Humans is a proactive, disruptive strategy that has quickly risen to the top tiers of Modern competition. The combination of cheap, disruptive threats and explosive clock is always a winning combination in Legacy. Add to that the ability to play Cavern of Souls and grind through tons of removal, and you've got something that looks a lot like Ciribarrayar's take on Legacy Humans:

Mother of Runes
No need for a ton of colors this time. Legacy's cardpool is deep enough that just Blue and White can get it done. The core of the deck is the same as Modern. Champion of the Parish and Thalia's Lieutenant let you close out games quickly. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Meddling Mage provide disruption to buy you time. Reflector Mage gives you an extra attack step or two, and Phantasmal Image rounds the deck out by giving you a little bit of everything.

The difference in Legacy is the supporting cast. Here, you're not completely dependent on Militia Bugler, though the card is certainly still good enough. Instead, you can play a combination of Bugler and Recruiter of the Guard. Recruiter of the Guard allows you to play all manner of interesting one- and two-ofs, such as Glowrider against combo decks, Palace Jailer in control and midrange matchups, and more. You can even string together Recruiter of the Guard, Militia Bugler, and Phantasmal Image to maintain your board presence through multiple copies of Terminus and other removal spells.

Perhaps the most important pickup for this deck in Legacy as compared to Modern is Mother of Runes. Suddenly, your best draws become resilient to removal spells and can attack past even the biggest blockers. Mother of Runes leads to an enormous amount of free wins against all manner of fair decks, and her importance in this style of deck cannot be overstated.

All in all, it's interesting to see how Humans changes from Modern to Legacy, and it will be exciting to see how the strategy evolves as more people try to see what it can do in Modern. Seeing the deck add more three-drops and cut back on colors is a really interesting take, and the combination of pressure, hatebears, and card advantage looks to be a potent starting point.

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