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Tomb of Doom

Ancient Tomb into Chalice of the Void is a tried and true strategy in Legacy and even Vintage. Over the years, we’ve seen decks in a multitude of color combinations try to take advantage of this powerful opening. From Red builds featuring Blood Moon and Chandra, Torch of Defiance to Blue builds with Sea Drake to Green builds with Spawnwrithe. However, it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen a White take on this strategy:

Ancient Tomb
One of the first iterations on Ancient Tomb Stompy was Angel Stompy, which prominently featured Exalted Angel. We’ve come a long way since then.

This is a hateful deck that’s looking to use Chrome Mox and Ancient Tomb to put hatebears into play ahead of schedule. Cards like Ancient Tomb, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, and Thalia, Heretic Cather can all put your opponent multiple turns behind and fundamentally prevent them from playing Magic while you continue to develop your lands, deploy more threats, and bring the beatdown.

One of the big advanatges of this deck over other Stompy variants is that most of the threats that you’re playing are cards that other Legacy decks would normally play. You see the likes of Stoneforge Mystic and Thought-Knot Seer in typical Legacy decks, whereas threats like Koth of the Hammer don’t typically make the cut.

However, what you gain in consistency, you give up in raw power. Sure, the average power of your cards is better, and you’re more able to win normal games of Magic. That said, you have far fewer openings that end the game on the first or second turn, which is one of the advantages of being a Chalice of the Void deck.

If you’re looking for a deck with a lot of the advantages of the Death and Taxes variants, but with a little more explosiveness and the ability to go a little bigger, this seems like a fantastic choice. Sure, turn one Blood Moon is more powerful that turn one Stoneforge Mystic, but you’d rather draw multiple Stoneforge Mystics and Thought-Knot Seers than multiple Blood Moons.

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