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Exhibiting Aggression

Right now, Ramunap Red is the premier aggressive deck in Standard. The deck is very fast, very efficient, and forces opponents to interact in very particular ways. Blockers are not particularly good against the deck. Sweepers are often too slow, and are particularly ineffective against Hazoret the Fervent. Instead, Ramunap Red forces opponents to play a high density of spot removal spells like Magma Spray, Harnessed Lightning, and Essence Extraction to have a chance of keeping up. What’s the logical response to that kind of metagame shift? To find an aggressive deck that goes even wider, and punishes opponents that favor spot removal over sweepers:

Servo Exhibition
This is a very exciting token-based aggressive deck. You have the ability to take games in a pretty typical fashion, using a curve of Toolcraft Exemplar and Scrapheap Scrounger backed up by Chandra, Torch of Defiance and Hazoret. However, that’s not the primary gameplan.

The primary gameplan is to go wide using cards like Servo Exhibition and Pia Nalaar. These cards are great against Mono-Red since you can actually net cards and start pulling ahead. These are also the cards that punish your opponent for having too many Fatal Pushes and no copies of Bontu's Last Reckoning or Fumigate.

The idea here is that you can generate a bunch of tokens and then utilize Shefet Dunes and Trial of Solidarity to force through huge chunks of damage. Assuming that the primary gameplan isn’t good enough to get your controlling opponents dead, you can easily flip Legion's Landing and get to work with miscellaneous tokens.

This is a deck that combines the powerful, aggressive creatures and efficient interaction of Mardu Vehicles with the ability to go very wide and kill opponents out of nowhere with overrun effects. Your Trial of Solidarity is especially powerful given that you’re playing Cartouche of Solidarity to rebuild your board and rebuy your overrun in longer games.

If you’re looking for an aggressive deck that takes advantage of the overemphasis of spot removal in the current Standard format, this one does a fantastic job of that. Your start aren’t necessarily as explosive as Ramunap Red, but you also have the ability to play a more attrition-oriented gameplan with token production and the ability to use your deserts and Cartouches as repeatable overruns so that your tokens trade up and chip away at your opponent’s life total.

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