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Still Standing Still


Standstill is a very interesting card in Legacy that generally gets used for one of two purposes. Merfolk and Sliver decks used to use it in conjunction with Aether Vial, since it allowed you to get on the board early and continue developing your board without casting spells and then reload when your opponent was forced to interact. Control decks use it as a means to discourage opponents from continuing to apply pressure, giving you an opportunity to hit your land drops and pull ahead on cards. It’s been awhile since Standstill saw play at the top tables of Legacy events, but perhaps this wu build can change that:

The key to this deck is that you’re utilizing Myth Realized to act as pressure that comes down before Standstill and lives through Terminus. Myth Realized doesn’t have the same raw power or ability to close out games as quickly as Monastery Mentor, but it is a little more synergistic with what the rest of this deck is trying to do. Similarly, MIshra's Factory is both a threat and a blocker that can come down through Standstill and force your opponent to take action.

This deck maximizes on cheap interaction in the form of Force of Will, Counterspell, and Daze as ways to punish opponents who are forced to break your Standstill by finding a counterspell or removal spell. You can even find Snapcaster Mage as a way to rebuy your cheap interaction and apply further pressure all at once.

The end game of this deck involves resolving a Jace, the Mind Sculptor and backing it up with Standstill. One of the biggest strengths of Standstill is that it helps to solidify your board presence with Planeswalkers and ensures that you’ll have the ability to protect them if your opponent has the means to interact with them effectively.

If you’re looking for a new way to play control now that Sensei's Divining Top has been banned, maybe Standstill is the new engine that you’ve been looking for.

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