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Pro Tour Theros Team Recap



Being on a team was a significant advantage for Theros Limited as only one team performed worse than those having no team. By all accounts, Theros Draft was a skill-testing format and it shows when the highest-performing teams are made up of top tier pros known for their limited game.

Team Overall Limited Win Rate
Bubblin in Dublin 52.94%
Cardboard Craic 57.58%
Channel Fireball 60.71%
Danube Monarchy 50.00%
Expatriot 33.33%
Face to Face Games 55.36%
Luxurious Hair 63.08%
Mishra's Twerkshop 58.00%
Myth Science Arkestra 66.67%
No Team 45.84%
Revolution 57.33%
Rocket 63.16%
StarCityGames.com 63.16%
Team Alliance 53.66%
Team Canada 55.56%
The JGB 66.67%
The Walking Deadguy 60.42%
Wasteland 48.84%

Teams StarCityGames.com and ChannelFireball went 50-50 in the Limited portion of the event, and the only teams with a winning record against SCG was Bubblin in Dubin and Team Alliance.


The Constructed portion of the event was the great equalizer for those without a team (or on a weaker team) as no team was under 40% or above 60% during the course of it. This could be caused by the Rocks-Paper-Scissors nature of the format, or it just may not be a particularly testing constructed format (would require more than one event to see if these trends hold).

Team Constructed Win Rate
Bubblin in Dublin 44.83%
Cardboard Craic 46.15%
Channel Fireball 54.48%
Danube Monarchy 55.26%
Expatriot 60.00%
Face to Face Games 41.94%
Luxurious Hair 37.76%
Mishra's Twerkshop 49.38%
Myth Science Arkestra 40.00%
No Team 50.08%
Revolution 53.85%
Rocket 57.98%
StarCityGames.com 57.98%
Team Alliance 43.64%
Team Canada 44.44%
The JGB 44.00%
The Walking Deadguy 48.75%
Wasteland 44.93%

The results of teams against the “super teams” continues to show the trend of their not being much of an edge to gain in this Constructed metagame as the numbers against them are all over the place. CFB won zero matches against SCG but all their matches against Alliance, for instance.


These are the overall win rates for each team. Team SCG clearly separated themselves from the rest of the pack for this event, ending up with two members form the team in the Top 8 (and an additional member in 9th place):

Team Overall Team Win Rate
Bubblin in Dublin 46.81%
Cardboard Craic 45.88%
Channel Fireball 58.06%
Danube Monarchy 57.22%
Expatriot 44.58%
Face to Face Games 54.42%
Luxurious Hair 50.31%
Mishra's Twerkshop 54.89%
Myth Science Arkestra 56.25%
No Team 46.35%
Revolution 64.77%
Rocket 51.22%
StarCityGames.com 68.56%
Team Alliance 52.08%
Team Canada 55.71%
The JGB 61.54%
The Walking Deadguy 54.69%
Wasteland 50.00%

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