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The Metagame Report, September 21–September 27


Having another week with no significant Constructed events other than the SCG Open featuring the Invitational in Atlanta means we’ll once again be examining the decks from this tournament.


Deck Top 8 Top 4 Finals Winner
W/U Delver 4 2 1 1
B/R Zombies 2 1 1 0
Four-Color Pod 1 1 0 0
R/U/G Pod 1 0 0 0

Decks that did 6-1-1 or better Count
W/U Delver 5
B/R Zombies 1
Solar Flare 2

W/U Delver has once again become the best performing Standard deck, making up half the Top 8 at the Open and more than half the top-performing Standard decks in the Invitational. Presented below is the average Delver deck from the Top 8 of the Open.

Creatures Spells
4 Delver of Secrets 3.75 Gut Shot
4 Snapcaster Mage 4 Vapor Snag
2.25 Restoration Angel 2.25 Mana Leak
.75 Phantasmal Image 3.25 Thought Scour
1.75 Augur of Bolas .25 Dismember
3.5 Geist of Saint Traft .5 Mutagenic Growth
Lands 4 Gitaxian Probe
8 Island 4 Ponder
1 Plains
4 Seachrome Coast
4 Glacial Fortress
2 Moorland Haunt

Delver remains fairly constant from week to week, and the evolution of the deck, along with most other decks in the format, is essentially over besides minor tweaks week to week to deal with new metagame issues. One of the big changes for this week was the universal adoption of Moorland Haunt as the nonbasic land of choice over the formerly popular Cavern of Souls—in addition to the complete elimination of Talrand, Sky Summoner from the main decks.

B/R Zombies is another deck that has essentially ended its cycle of evolution and will probably see few changes before Return to Ravnica becomes legal. The deck is fast and consistent, and it has a very powerful nut draw that's hard, if not impossible, to beat. On top of its speed, the deck is also resilient and has a lot of late-game inevitability. Its Delver match is not as good as it once was, but it can still pull out wins against it.

Four-color Pod was a breakout deck from around six weeks ago on Magic Online, but its live results never met the expectations. The deck's mana base is obviously its primary weakness, which is especially dangerous in a field full of Gut Shots.

Solar Flare, which did not do particularly well in the Open, performed well in the Invitational due to the metagame changes that had other decks ignoring interactions with graveyards. The creature suite is still around the same as it has always been, but it has some modifications.


Deck Top 8 Top 4 Finals Winner
Goblins 1 1 1 1
Esper Stoneblade 1 1 1 0
R/U/G Delver 2 1 0 0
W/U Control 2 1 0 0
Maverick 1 0 0 0
Know and Tell 1 0 0 0

Max TIetze’s Goblins list is a tad different than the list that made Top 8 last week with the inclusion of a Skirk Prospector to power out more explosive starts and the cutting of the one-of Krenko, Mob Boss from last week. The rest of the decks in the Top 8 basically don’t change from week to week, but I’ll include a sample of each deck for completeness.

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