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Commenting Guidelines


We love discussions on our articles, but all comments must follow these guidelines:

  1. Have real discussions. Part of the beauty of the Internet is the ability to have discussions with people we can't otherwise meet. We want interesting and thought provoking discussions on our articles. Comment to add or enhance thoughts.
  2. Ask questions to writers and one another. There is no harm in questioning something said in an articles, or by another community member. Genuine exploration of our knowledge, or lack thereof, is an awesome experience.
  3. Relevant links are welcome, irrelevant and spam links are not. Don't be afraid to link to another site if it relates to the topic. However, unrelated links, advertisements, and spam will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned from further posting without warning.
  4. No signatures in comments. Forums, like ours, regularly allow posters to include a footer on their posts where users link their own website, content, or other posts. Though comment threads are similar to forum threads, they are not the same and we do not permit signatures on comments. Comments with signatures are subject to deletion or moderation without warning.

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