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Gathering Magic Does Vegas: Day Three


It's time to make Magic history. Thousands of players have gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada for the largest Magic event on the books. Between the events, artists, and personalities who have flown out for this monumental event, this weekend promises to be an incredible spectacle, even for those who were unable to make the trip. In the middle of it are two members of Team Gathering Magic: our resident angel and lover of all things geeky, Heather Lafferty, as well as the content manager, multiplayer master, and overlord of degeneracy, Adam Styborski. What kind of mischief can these two get into over the next three days? What kind of incredible stories are going to come out of the biggest Magic event there's ever been? There's only one way to find out.

Day Three, It Begins

Day Two, The Calm Before the Storm

Day One

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