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Building a Flavorful Lorcana Deck with Eeyore!


Eeyore is my Familiar!

You heard me, he is.

"Not much of a spiritual guide, yet here I am."

Thank you for joining me, buddy. I am here to introduce myself to the CoolStuffInc audience and show them a casual deck made just for you. I figure my connection to you will go a long way in explaining who I am.

"If you think so, but if they're going to look at me could you fix my tail? It fell off again."

At least you didn't lose it this time. Some people out there might think that you are just symbolism for Depression, but I think of you as resilient and able to adjust to the world around you. I always try to build my deck with opportunities that occur no matter what the opponent's deck is. Others may say that you stand for self-denial, but I think of you as frugal and non-materialistic. I am a very budget minded builder, so those readers who are light or tight with their wallet will enjoy my work. Still, a few say that Eeyore is the embodiment of boredom, but I say you are loyal and demand nothing in return. This part is why I am loving Lorcana, the simplicity of the rules allows for very consistent draws from every deck. Lastly, like Eeyore, I don't feel the need to win all the time, so my decks are almost always casual.

"Maybe tell them about yourself, I'm not that important anyway."

Silly Eeyore! Ultimately, Eeyore is why I am writing for you today. MANY years ago, I used to write on another TCG game you might have heard of. It's called Magic: The Gathering and it seems pretty popular with kids nowadays (yes, I am old enough to say "kids nowadays"). I got out of that game for a myriad of reasons but that's not important right now. In a gaming conversation with a friend of mine, he told me about this new Disney TCG. It sounded interesting but only when I noticed a Pooh playmat at my local store did I get truly interested. The reason we are here today is to discuss how to build a Lorcana deck for no other purpose than character flavor.

This concept is a true competitive edge that Lorcana has over all other TCGs. The storyline and character interactions are the backbone of this game. Disney doesn't have to create some far away planes or battle arenas or purchase the rights from a book franchise. They already built and developed multiple story lines in their movies and cartoons. They just need to fit the characters we love with their proper mechanics.

"Not that I care, but are my cards any good?"

To be honest, while you only have one card so far, it really isn't going to make it any competitive decks out there. But I'll build a deck for you right here and now.

Let's look at your card first.

"Seems Okay to me."

That's just it. It's just Okay. The resist mechanic totally fits your style and with 5 willpower it would take a character with 6 power to knock you out with just one challenge. There are only 25 cards in the game right now that can do that without bonuses and only 7 of those can see play before you without tricks. Also, it would take at least 4 power to remove you in two challenges so basically, you will be able to quest at least twice. Problem is you only get 1 lore per quest.

"Didn't much like lore anyway."

Good. Now in terms of power you come in at 4 which can single challenge win against approximately 300 other characters, but a vast majority of them have ink costs much lower than yours AND generate more lore more times before you even get started.

"Guess I'm not good for anything special."

Aww buddy, don't feel that way. I going to build a deck for you. I do have to be honest up front a tell you that you'll find yourself in the inkwell a lot.

"As long as I am helping my friends."

So, let's look at your friends. Unfortunately, we can't include everyone from the 100 Acre Wood. Lorcana has limit of 2 types of ink in a deck. You're already Steel so we can only choose one more. Of the current cards printed we have 3 in Amber, 1 in Amethyst, 0 in Emerald, 2 in Ruby, and 2 in Sapphire. To get the most friends in we will go with Amber/Steel deck.

Now, Piglet - Pooh Pirate Captain has seen play in many speed lore decks. The others are like you, just barely out of competitive play.

"Everyone loves a Piglet in a cute outfit."

Our general goal is to keep characters in play and stay wide enough to use the bonus lore from Christopher Robin and Piglet. There will probably be many times where we won't exert our characters for fear of the upcoming challenges. We still don't want to wait until we have power lore online to do anything. Using the Bodyguard keyword will let us quest while we build up our bonus lore gatherers.

"Looks like a good mechanic, probably wouldn't fit for me."

I disagree. You would have made a great Bodyguard! I mean The Prince gets to have both mechanics at once. But we digress. We would also like ways to keep our high willpower bodies around. I would like to throw Rapunzel - Gifted with Healing in here but she puts too much stress on my pocketbook. So, we will settle for a couple less expensive options.

As an interesting gambit I am going to put a full set of Pyros - Lava Titan. In a rather perfect scenario we could ready Christopher Robin, quest, challenge with Pyros, ready CR again, quest again, and pass turn. That's 8 lore from one character in one turn.

"Probably never happen, but worth a try."

So, Eeyore, lifelong pal, what do you think? It's probably going to lose more than it wins but the cash value is well worth it. I do hope you and my newfound readers like it. I really do believe that games are not good when everyone must win all the time. Mostly because no one can. Grab a card you like and build for fun. You'll see the game is more enjoyable when you do. Thoughts, Eeyore?

"Not much of a roadblock, but I suppose I'll do."

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