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Decks from JumpStart!


Hello folks! I hope that you are having a wonderful day today and staying safe in our modern COVID world.

Have you been following the Jumpstart spoilers as closely as I have? I have been more attentive to these than others, and I've really been caught up in the key questions of the day for Magic fans. What questions are those? What will Jumpstart look like, what new cards are in the product, and more. The typical questions that surround a new set like this or something similar such as Conspiracy.

Now that the full spoiler is out there, I want to create some 60-card brews that will hopefully appeal to you. I'll also be looking at the set in some other places as well. But today I want to dig into the cards and make some decks for your casual needs.


Let's do it!

Release the Dogs
Lingering Souls

Release the Dogs is a strong option for tokens. At four mana for four 1/1s, it has a strong go-wide mentality. It brings a lot of bodies for one card, and its much bigger status reminded me of the mass value of Lingering Souls. Less mana and doesn't require two colors, but the Souls was more flexible as you could drop it earlier and its tokens flew. It's a double Raise the Alarm (although not an instant).

Let's go wide with tokens!

What color should I do? I want to bring some power to the game and do so well. Hmmm....

Two obvious choices suggest themselves - Boros with Goblins and Selesnya's heavy love of tokens. But I am not feeling either one of those. Since I compared Release the Dogs to Lingering Souls... how about Orzhov? I could push to planeswalkers such as the mega-powerful Sorin, Lord of Innistrad as well as others.

Let's do it!

And there you are! I decided to lean heavily into my planeswalkers and we have three versions of Elspeth as well as Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and the powerful Sorin, Lord of Innistrad. Twelve of the cards in this brew are planeswalkers. All of the rest make tokens or are Vindicates to serve as an emergency release valve. I am running some Castle Ardenvales for the token making from my land base. And there we go! I hope you enjoyed the Orzhov going wide.

Now what?

Living Lightning

Helloing Living Lightning! Its death trigger is great for getting another go around the bin of a key instant or sorcery. It's ideal in two places. First in a sorcery/instant matter shell in Izzet where you have enough of a density of options to care. The second is in a sacrifice shell where you can ensure that you dies at the appropriate time to make things line up perfectly. It's a great body for either of those.

But I have a cool combo in mind for Living Lightning

What are they?


Blood for Bones

Victimize and Blood for Bones. Run all 8 of these so you can be sure you have at least two. Ideally you want two Living Lightnings as well in order to have a closed loop rather than an open one. Here's how the combo works

  1. Control Living Lightning.
  2. Cast either Victimize or Blood for Bones
  3. Put the Living Lightning death trigger on the stack.
  4. Put a sorcery or instant from your graveyard to your hand if you have any. You cannot return the spell you are casting as it's still on the stack and not eligible. You may not have any targets, and that's fine.
  5. Resolve your spell. Return two dorks, ideally one of which is a Living Lightning.
  6. Cast the other Victimize or Blood for Bones you have in your hand.
  7. Sacrifice another Living Lightning.
  8. Target the first spell you cast with it in step 2.
  9. Recur the dead Lightning as one of your targets.
  10. Repeat

This is a closed loop. As long as you recur a Living Lightning and have two of your key spells to recur, you can keep it up. Why would you care? Because each time you do so you net an additional dork. In order to make sure everything lines up, I'll toss in some Tutors you can recur with the Living Lightning death-trigger.

And there we go! As you can see, I have tossed in some fun triggers for death and such as well as the powerful Solemn Simulacrum to recur and sacrifice in equal portions. Note that fun Scion of Darkness here. Cycle it early to ensure it hits your graveyard and then bring it back with your recursion as the free extra dork you are netting. The deck should prove synergetic in the right circumstances. I even have some sacrificing lands to proffer value over time. Sacrifice for value and then bring it back with the extra dork.

Great, I hope you enjoyed that synergy!

Now what?

Bruvac the Grandiloquent

Hello Bruvac the Grandiloquent! As well as fans thereof.

I hope your day is going well. Today I want to dig into your big body. This is the Horned Turtle of Jumpstart. Did you cast or use an effect that would mill one of your enemies? Awesome! Now they mill twice as many! It's a speedy kill.

I want to run Bruvac in Dimir Mill with my ally of Ashiok. There are a lot of fun ways to dip into this theme. You can see the direction I chose below. I have some cards that will interact with the graveyard like Body Double and Guiltfeeder in there among the milling fun times.

Due to its three-mana casting cost I cannot run Gyruda, Doom of Depths as my companion in any build with Bruvac. Sad, I know.

Here's my brew!

Glimpse the Unthinkable

I can't imagine a single Glimpse the Unthinkable doubled. That's just intoxicating! This deck seems to double a whole lot of stuff that will force foes' libraries to hit the graveyard!

All right... once more with feeling!

Towering Titan

Towering Titan awaits! It's also a Giant if you care!

If you dig deeply you will notice that there are a big number of big fat Green walls like the first set's Wall of Ice that's 0/7 for three mana. We'll want to toss this into a Wall of Ice deck that can punch people's face!

Assault Formation

The key card in this brew is Assault Formation that can make a Wall attack as well as deal damage for their toughness in battle. This makes an 0/7 Wall of Ice a 7/7 third turn monstrosity. It can ruin someone's day quite ably. We also have a pair of Huatli, the Sun's Heart to help although they won't help with the swinging. A 0/13 Tree of Redemption can win the game in two swings with a Formation and wears a big "Keep Away" message with either out.

I tossed in a bunch of Walls and a pair of Hydras to make with the mana this deck. You can hide behind defenders and then swing with a Mistcutter Hydra as well. We have Walls up and down the

Here's my deck!

And that's it. Let's call it after four decks.

I hope that you enjoyed my look at decks inspired by new cards from Jumpstart! What do you think of them? Anything that is coming out you are excited to see? Anything that inspires you? Anything that I missed in my decks? Just let me know!

Thanks, so much for your time, and you have an awesome (and safe) day!

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