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Gen Con Recap - Winding Down


Sunday - See You Next Year

Cards, dice, and miniatures alike have been packed away in cardboard for the long trek home. The best four days in gaming are over for another year, and the countdown to next year's Gen Con has started. That said, we've still got Sunday's share of action to share with you. One last day of insane costumes, characters, and concepts? Don't mind if I do.

Saturday - Game Time

Now we're into the thick of things. Gen Con is home to more games and cosplay than anyone knows what to do with. Characters and concepts from across genres and fandoms collide to create something truly exceptional. So take a look around at what people are seeing on the floor at Gen Con, and get a sneak peek at some of the games that will be coming your way soon, as well as the crazy characters playing them.

Friday - Gen Con Proper

Now Gen Con has begun in earnest. Games of every kind as far as the eye can see. Old favorites, shiny new toys, and thousands of new friends to play them with. Here we've collected just a few of the personalities, possibilities, and promises that Gen Con has in store.

Thursday - And So It Begins

Thousands of gamers have made their way to Indianapolis for Gen Con. The result? An incredible melting pot of communities, passions, and opportunities. There are games of all kinds, cosplayers and artists to meet, and all kinds of experiences you can only have at Gen Con. Not only that, but there are thousands of people there looking to share an incredible weekend with each other in Indianapolis. When this many people come together and share the things that they're excited about, there's no limit to the kind of awesome things that can come out of it. Today is just the beginning.

Wednesday - Pre-Gen Con Bash with Gathering Magic

It's the eve of Gen Con. Thousands of gamers are flocking to Indianapolis for the best four days in gaming, where there's no end to the awesome experiences to be had over the course of the weekend. Gen Con may not have started, but there's no reason we can't start the weekend off with a bang at the Gathering Magic Party at Kilroy's Bar n' Grille. Take a quick peek inside the Gathering Magic Bash and check back throughout the weekend for more awesome people, games and stories from Gen Con, both here and on Twitter.

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