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Magic at PAX East


The latest Arcana on DailyMTG shared a number of happenings and new products that will be present at PAX East, March 22nd-24th in Boston, Massachusetts.

Exclusive to the event will be a special "Pinny Arcade" Chandra pin available at the Wizards booth, as well as a chance to earn a pair of Chandra's googles by completing "Chandra's Quest" and visiting several other booths and areas throughout the venue.

While there will be the usual assortment of Magic merchandise and tournaments, PAX wouldn't be complete without a panel. If last year's panel is any indication, this will certainly be worth attending for anyone who wants to get the latest news from Wizards of the Coast themselves. However, unlike last year, there won't be a live webcast.

Stayed turned to Gathering Magic throughout the weekend for previews, spoilers, and updated from PAX East!

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