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San Diego Comic Con Panel Roundup


This afternoon, the much anticipated San Diego Comic Con Magic panel was held.

New products were announced, new cards were shown, and the entire concept of Theros block was laid out for us. (Spoiler: It's indeed enchantments!):

  • Theros block will be Large set, small set, small set, and the theme of the block will be enchantments and Greek Mythology.
  • There will be three major facets of Greek Mythology that the sets will focus on, and each of these facets will have a mechanic they call their own. Gods, heroes, and monsters will each be represented in the sets of Theros block. Confirmed types of monsters in the block are Hydras, Gorgons, and Minotaurs. Each color of magic has a god that represents it, and three of the names of these gods were revealed. Heliod represents white, Erebos represents black, and Nylea represents green.
  • The set will be designed much like Innistrad was, playing off of well-traversed tropes and using top-down resonant designs.
  • The enchantment theme is not just enchantment matters. The way Theros treats enchantments will help bring enchantments and gods 'to life'. Previous speculation pointed at a 'legends matter' theme, but the panel put that rumor to rest by stating the number of legends is more than usual, but nothing close to Kamigawa's levels. There will be "a handful" of gold cards in Theros block.
  • The Prerelease experience for Theros block will involve several unique card types exclusive to the event. Heroes act like Vanguard cards, which start in the command zone and are active during your entire match. The event will be held in three steps: Prerelease, release events, and Theros Game Day.

Of course, don't just take our work for it!

The panel also announced new From the Vault: Twenty cards: Impulse, Gilded Lotus, and...

A new Commander product was announced as well!

The two promo cards for Heroes vs Monsters were also spoiled:

Keep coming back to our From the Vault: Twenty spoilers for the latest information throughout the summer, with Theros to follow!

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