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Theros Spoilers at PAX Prime!


This was the weekend of PAX Prime, an awesome gaming convention that features all kinds of Magic events including the Magic Online Community Cup, the PAX Party, and a world building panel featuring the Magic creative team. For those of us who weren't lucky enough to make it out to Seattle, the most exciting part of the weekend were the previews we got to take a look at throughout the weekend.

The Theros previews started rolling in on Friday, around 1 PM. Take a look at the cards spoiled on Friday, Gift of Immortality and Reverent Hunter:

The next preview was spotted by Robby Rothe aka MTGColorpi. He tried out the Magic 2014 Duels of the Planeswalkers expansion and found a reprint that received new art and happens to fit the flavor of Theros - Divine Transformation. Could we see another classic aura reprint?

After that, things quieted down until Saturday afternoon; the calm before the PAX party. We still got two previews in the afternoon, courtesy of the puzzle room. Let's take a look at Akroan Crusader and Cavern Lampad.


At this point, it was almost time for the PAX Party. For the past few years, this has been when we get our first serious look at the fall set, with multiple previews showcasing the core mechanics of the set, as well as a trailer, and party themes and favors matching those of the upcoming block. The previews this year were especially exciting, and included our first look at Elspeth. Check out the Theros trailer, as well as Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Thoughtseize, and Nylea, God of the Hunt, and more:










We even saw an Oracle of Theros twitter account appear during the PAX Party, which spent the evening answering our questions about Theros in as cryptic a fashion as possible. The Oracle also  previewed Chained to the Rocks, which is a flavor home run. Check out our latest Swords to Plowshares variant.

On Sunday, we had the world building panel, hosted by Jeremy Jarvis with co-panelists Doug Beyer, Jenna Helland, Richard Whitters and Jennifer Meyen. The panel was focused on how you create a worlds like Innistrad and Theros using top-down design. Throughout the panel we got to take a look at the design behind cards like Bump in the Night, as well as some awesome concept art from Theros and a handful of previews.

Take a look at the "zombies" of Theros, the Returned, as well as the satyr-planeswalker Xenagos and Elspeth's companion Daxos, Boar tokens, and previews:

The last thing that the panel covered was the Hero's Path promotion for the Theros block Prerelease, Release, and Game Day events. Jennifer Meyen gave us a look at what we can expect to see at these events throughout the year. This experience is supposed to mirror the trials that Elspeth faces as she becomes the hero that Heliod believes that she can be. What kind of hero will you become?

That wasn't the end of the weekend, though. We still got to take a look at two more previews Sunday afternoon, Witches' Eye and Curse of the Swine. These two previews showcase even more of the top-down design that makes Theros as exciting as it is. Take a look:

With that, the weekend at PAX was finished. Theros looks even more incredible than it did before; the set is bursting at the seams with flavor, and we can't wait to see more of it. Looking for more Theros goodness? Get updates in real time on Twitter at our official spoiler account, @MTGLeaks, or on our Facebook Theros visual gallery!

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