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The Spotlight: Conspiracy at the Prerelease


As heroes and monsters from across the seas prepared themselves for epic battles, a small picture of a very odd Angel began to make its rounds on Twitter and Reddit. It was pulled from a prerelease that had already begun across the ocean, and it was something apart from what should have been in the Born of Gods prerelease packs. A conspiracy was born, and so it was that Born of the Gods kicked off in America with the Internet buzzing about a possible cube set to come in the summer months.

Time could not be spent gabbing about future sets for long, though, because it was time to get down to business! Born of the Gods is here, and we are finally able to sling it. Wizards from across the world gathered to battle it out, and as always, my favorite part is witnessing the Magic of the Gathering and the sick draws. It appeared that the Born of the Gods prerelease was a huge success.

As I logged on late in the evening on Saturday to review the awesome that had happened at everyone’s Prerelease, I saw two very special tweets. My dear friends, lovely people, and great assets to the Magic community @ JhoiraArtificer and @nex3 were engaged. I would like to wish them all the happiness the world has to offer in their future endeavors and tell them they need to get married at the next Grand Prix Vegas like rock stars. So let it be.

Have fun at your release parties, and be kind each to the other.



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