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The Spotlight: Spoiler Season


HELL YEAH! SPOILER SEASON! With all mythics now revealed and the theme of the set shaping up, there has been nonstop tweeting gearing up toward prerelease. As with all spoiler seasons, only time will tell if our first reactions to our new toys will be correct. The new Gods garnered many comments, but there were two who definitely received the bulk of feedback:

With the Gods spoiled, people had a much better sense of the direction #MTGJOU is headed as we wrap up our time in Theros:

There were some random favorites from the set:

But the crown jewel of Journey into Nyx can only be awarded to one card. It wasn’t even close:

Oh. And we have a new Ajani . . . 

Everyone at Gathering Magic would like to wish you a happy Prerelease, and may the gods be favorable with every crack of the pack.

Be kind, each to the other.



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