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20 Tweets: Midnight Madness


Hold up. Wait a minute. Let me put a bear punch in it!

Did you miss me? Well I am back and ready to bring you all the best Magic news from all the best sources: you. Your thoughts, pictures, issues, rants and loves will all be covered here on Gathering Magic.

We begin! Last night, wizards from the entire world (Well, a whole freaking lot of them anyways!) donned their midnight cloaks and flocked in droves to their local game hop for some good ole fashion clash of the clans. Prereleases from Jacksonville to Los Angeles were sold out and overflowing as we finally got a chance to visit Tarkir and take up the rally cry of our clan. Here is a short round up the happenings around the globe while your occupied defending your Clan honor or resting up for battle this morning. Good luck from all of us at Gathering Magic and CoolStuffInc.com and may you have a Magical weekend.

I will be joining the battle first thing in the morning. May the clans forever roam free and mighty.

PS: I love hearing about sick cracks so tweet me the awesome you open this weekend, or share in comments below!



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