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20 Tweets: Grand Prix Orlando


The magical masses descended on Grand Prix Orlando this weekend to dive into the new format featuring the hot-off-the-presses Khans of Tarkir. The magic of a Grand Prix on day one is palpable. It feels like anyone’s game as new players, veterans, and pros sit down across from each other to battle it out. This Grand Prix had a couple make Top 8 together, women showing up to sling in force, and lots and lots of Magic. In case you weren’t able to follow along this weekend with the stupendous and entertaining coverage team, I got you covered. Grand Prix Orlando was a great appetizer as we head into upcoming Pro Tour shenanigans.

This was a lovey and awesome Top 8, but there could be only one! A big congratulations to Eugene Hwang from all of us at Gathering Magic, and thanks for entertaining us with your Magic this weekend!



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