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Monster in My Pants


As magicians of distinction and taste flock to Theros this fall, the number-one question on everyone's minds will be, "Who are you wearing?" The most fashion-forward among them will respond, without hesitation, "GatheringMagic, by Inkwell Looter."

The creatures of Theros will be anxious to show off their toned, monstrous bodies, and GM by IL has them covered with our fall collection's Monstrous PantsTM.

With a highly functional bronze buckle, lightweight construction, tapered legs, and reinforced crotch, our full line of Monstrous PantsTM is an emphatic, yet playful statement of monstrosity.

First down the catwalk is Polukranos, sassy in pink tiger print, a look that screams, "I activated my ability with X=0 just so I could look this good."

And now Polukranos shows off the plaid as a nod to our many visitors from the Schmazzgordios guild of Ravnica.

Get your own Monstrous PantsTM now! Download and print this high-resolution PDF file, and then attend your Theros prerelease in style.

Of course, there's probably a way to activate monstrosity without the assistance of haute couture. But, given the option, why would you?

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