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Gathering Magic at Pro Tour Dragon's Maze


In just a few days, the most powerful mages in the world will be gathering in San Diego for Pro Tour Dragon's Maze, and we're getting ready to bring some of the experience to you here at Gathering Magic. Over the course of the Pro Tour, we will be sharing exciting results, technology, and stories from the weekend as they are happening. Here's some of the content you can expect and places to look:

  • Live updates on Twitter (@GatheringMagic) including photos, results, food and more.
  • Photo updates on Facebook throughout the day.
  • Brief video interviews with players posted to YouTube throughout the weekend.
  • Text updates here throughout the day featuring the highlights of the event.

We are very excited to welcome Jack Tran to the GatheringMagic team for Pro Tour Dragon's Maze. Jack will be working in tandem with Rich Castle to bring you video, photo, and Twitter updates from the floor of the Pro Tour and without them none of this would be possible. Without further ado, why don't we let Jack introduce himself:

Let us know what you want to see this weekend. Who do you want us to follow? What questions do you have for the pros about Return To Ravnica Block Constructed and Draft?  How about questions for R&D? Comment below or send a tweet to @GatheringMagic or @jack_tms and we'll do everything we can to make it happen. We hope you'll join us here at Gathering Magic for Pro Tour Dragon's Maze.

And for even more action all weekend long, head to DailyMTG.com for the official coverage, including a live video streaming of the event from start to finish, as well as text coverage featuring our own Content Manager, Adam Styborski!

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