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Ravnica Travel Posters


My ideas come from many sources, from out of the blue, one of many epic conversations with my wife over coffee, or even cryptic auto-corrected emails I send myself in the middle of the night. Other times I get such an awesome request from a reader that just has to happen.

A few weeks ago I put up an article dealing with the Cereals of Ravnica. I had just finished posting my latest response in the comments section when a new one popped up, from user Aregand Rand:

looking forward to the retro Ravnica tourism posters

I smiled and begun typing a polite thank you message. However, in the time it took to fire off a single sentence, I could feel it. The idea stuck like glue. I had seen this done recently for Skyrim, The Legend of Zelda, and Fallout New Vegas, all to great success. While my personal style isn't exactly retro, it's close enough to justify a foray into the wonderful world of poster design. I deleted my half-finished response and replaced it with the following:

Well, that's stuck in my head now; guess that's going to become a thing :)

After many hours and mugs of coffee, I'm honored to present the pretty.

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