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Ognis Uses Beamtown Banking



You don't know how close I came to running back ANOTHER Goad article, and if you're counting (you aren't, don't lie) then I've written approximately 1,000 times more articles about Goad this year than I have about Instants and Sorceries this year. Now, I claimed I would focus more on that and, so far, no one has really held me accountable to that goal, least of all me. I want to let you all know that I have been a little negligent in writing about Instants and Sorceries but that's all going to change...

...next week. This week I want to write about Treasure.

Ognis, the Dragon's Lash

Look at this hasty boy. I have been a fan of the Viashino as a source of direct damage ever since Urza's block, and while they have learned to stay in play after cast, and while the Green fire Ognis is shooting out of his mouth isn't really supported by the rule text on the card, I like to think of it as a money beam, shooting money at your board at an alarming rate. This card is very interesting in that it rewards us for playing hasty creatures, which generally either gives us a weaker creature or it gives us a higher mana cost. Ognis can offset the mana cost by paying you to play his hasty friends, but if you build the deck correctly, any friend can be a hasty friend, and if you start giving out haste, you can play some creatures that usually get nuked before they get a chance to be activated, which can be a lot of fun. Building the deck to give all of our creatures haste rather than overpaying for hasty creatures is going to be the key to my approach. Best of all, I get to do the most 75% thing I have done in weeks - I get to win with cards that say "You win the game."

Hellkite Tyrant
Revel in Riches

These are two of the finest Magic cards ever designed, and the deck clearly wants me to amass treasure, not spend it. If Ognis wanted me cashing in all of that hard-earned scrilla, he would have it come into play untapped like everything else that makes an absurd amount of treasure. No, our aim here is to make a big pile to sleep on top of like a dragon, until our dragon shows up to win the game, but there is no shame to winning with Revel in Riches. Sometimes people will ask me if Revel and similar cards aren't anathema to the 75% way of life and I say it is quite the opposite. You have to pass the turn and let things come all the way back around to you to win with these cards most times, and that makes people team up to stop you. Being the archenemy (when you deserve it) is the most thrilling Magic you can play, and pulling off your master stroke despite the entire table uniting to take you down is peak 75%. So, now that I'm pretending I overcame your initial reticence with my rhetorical prowess, how do we actually build this pile and what will it look like? Here is my take.

Haste Makes Waste Disposal Company Jobs | Commander | Jason Alt

I feel like I ended up doing right by my readers and not myself on this one. I sort of don't love how this turned out and I think that's probably OK. I am worried that my main contribution to the deck was running 7 copies of Mass Hysteria rather than the typical 3, then cutting all of the fun creatures with tap abilities I wanted to run because I had already cut Instants and Sorceries to the bone (I regret nothing) and had no more cuts. I cut a LAND. I, in a deck with Moraug and Sakura-Tribe Scout and Tireless Provisioner, cut a land. That can't be right.

Let this list serve as a jumping-off point for your deck. Cut the 37 ways to give creatures haste and add the stuff you like. This list used to have Captivating Crew and sac outlets. Gone. No room. I had more landfall payoffs like Omanth, Locus of Rage. See ya, no room. Avenger of Zendikar? Hellkite Charger and Bear Umbra? Helm of Possession? Cut, cut, cut.

You can put the stuff back, that's the great thing here. Cursed Mirror looks loose? Make it Toski. Fervor is 3 mana, that's excessive, make it an Ohran Frostfang. This is your deck as soon as you decide to build it, and I am urging you to just build a deck that makes you happy. This is missing too many cards I want to play and I think I literally just overdid it on the haste stuff. But I feel like the haste stuff is load-bearing, you start knocking out those Jenga blocks and it's literally faster to start over, and that's why I just submitted this list.

So why submit a deck I don't like and then keep bringing it up? I think it's because this version of the deck will run really well and when I start tweaking it, it will collapse. I think this is a tight, streamlined, fast build and it runs enough fun cards that I'm into that I'm not too upset that I didn't get to clutter it with really clunky cards you've seen me jam in 100 other decks. If you build this and hate it, you can change it up but if you build this and play it, it will probably work out pretty well. As soon as you cut Fervor and replace it with something that makes you happy. Let's Planeswalker spark some joy, life is a nightmare and we're suspended on a rapidly-heating planet, remember to do something you love every once in a while.

That does it for me, readers. Thanks for not giving me too hard a time for submitting a deck with 89 permanents in it, old habits die hard, but not as hard as it is to win the game with Revel in Riches. I hope a lot of people play Ognis so I can live the dream of blowing up treasure tokens with Maelstrom Pulse. Until next time!

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