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Land Ho!


Historically, 100% of two-mana Planeswalkers have been bad. The abilities are inconsistent, it wouldn't be very fair to give it a good ultimate so it doesn't have one and it ends up a meme card. Everything changed when the Wrenn and Six Nation attacked. Suddenly a two-mana Planeswalker could have an ultimate and could be fairly exciting. Perhaps Wrenn and Six wouldn't excite Standard players, but the card wouldn't be for them, anyway. Such a card would find an audience for sure and that audience appears to be players of a format called Oathbreaker.

Wrenn and Six

For those of you who don't keep track of the Commander variants that come along every few months, Oathbreaker is a planeswalker-based, singleton format where you have a command zone consisting of a planeswalker and a signature spell. If you'd like to learn more about the format, here's some light bathroom reading for you.

Wrenn and Six, despite having the apparent handicap of not having any Blue mana in its casting cost, something that is an unwritten taboo for the Oathbreaker decks I have seen, is a fairly popular... commander in the format? Are the planeswalkers the oathbreakers? It's not clear to me (I'm sure someone would be more than happy to fill everyone in down below in the comments,) but what IS clear is that paired with Crop Rotation, Wrenn and Six get work done. Giving spells retrace is pretty nuts and having an unlimited supply of lands with Wrenn and Six's +1 ability means you can take the forest trail to value town once you get that emblem in place. Since Oathbreaker decks are smaller, they are more consistent and having access to Crop Rotation at all times makes the deck even more consistent. A typical Wrenn and Six deck will tutor for the Dark Depths/Thespians' Stage combo with Crop Rotation and has the capability of killing the other player with Lightning Storm and Seismic Assault fairly rapidly. Realms Uncharted begins to feel a lot like Gifts Ungiven when you can easily retrieve binned lands. All in all, the decks seems pretty consistent in a format full of consistent Blue decks. Here is an example list of a Wrenn and Six Oathbreaker build.

This is great for a 60 card, 20 life, 1v1 format but is there anything we can glean from this sort of list that we can adapt for a 75% Commander build? Let's hope so, because that thing I just said is sort of my whole job here. Let's see if we can pull any of these tricks off in a format where people are good, decent folks who keep their oaths.

The first thing we need to do after we move Wrenn and Six into the 99 is to figure out who we want at the helm of this mess. An obvious answer is Lord Windgrace. We add another color but we get access to cards like Squandered Resources, Worm Harvest, Deathreap Ritual, Retreat to Hagra, Torment of Hailfire, and Underrealm Lich. Lord Windgrace is exactly the kind of deck for these shenanigans. However, I sort of want the deck to feel like the Wrenn and Six experience from Oathbreaker and that's not going to work with a completely different Planeswalker at the helm. I decided to go back a decent amount and select Mina and Denn, Wildborn for this build. You can't get back lands with them, but you CAN play extra lands which is very useful if you manage to get a Crucible of Worlds or Ramunap Excavator into play. Getting back two lands like Strip Mine can make sure they don't get out of control with Gaea's Cradle or Nythos and you can run a ton of cycling lands, including the new Gruul land from the Horizon Canopy cycle in Modern Horizons called... hang on, I'm having a hard time finding the Gruul one, let me just pull up the spoiler.


Well, even though it's a bit disheartening to be one of the guilds who doesn't get a land from that cycle, we have so many other options for shenanigans that I'm not even that upset. Remember, our goal is to feel like the other deck so I'm going to take that list and add to it. Am I going to make it less consistent? Yes, a bit, but that's how you make a 75% deck, isn't it? We're not making the deck less consistent by adding bad cards or taking out good ones, we're going to make it less consistent by adding good cards. You'll get good cards all the time but they may not be the exact good cards you want, and that's what inconsistency is all about. I think the average deck from the brand new edhrec oathbreaker section that I listed above is such a good place to start, I'm going to leave those cards in place for the most part and add to the deck in a way that preserves the feel of winning that way but adds more cards in order for us to be able to play it in Commander but also be equipped to deal 120 damage rather than 20. You know me, I'm adding a bunch of X spells and Boundless Realms because if you can't Genesis Wave, why bother even playing?

Here is how I'd modify this deck to get there in Commander.

Wrenning through the 6 with my Wojeks by Jason Alt

Wrenning Through the Six with my Wojeks | Commander | Jason Alt

I think this mostly plays the same, although consistently being able to retrace our spells is obviously lacking. Maybe we could have tried a Wort, Raidmother build to be the kind of value deck Wrenn and Six is in Oathbreaker, but if you look at the average list I used, there weren't as many spells as you'd expect. I think we will get enough value just casting spells like Genesis Wave or Finale of Devastation once, especially since we will have quite a lot of mana, so not being able to retrace some spells shouldn't be that painful.

Oathbreaker banned Sol Ring so I didn't include it in my list. That's probably wrong but it might be nice to get out there and not use Sol Ring for once in our lives.

What do we think? Do we lose too much consistency not having immediate access to Crop Rotation for those cheesy Dark Depths wins? Would you rather be Lord Windgrace? Is this deck up your alley? Let me know in the comments section. One thing I will say before I leave you is that Nissa, Who Shakes the World and Nissa's Triumph are an excellent pairing in Oathbreaker as well and if I added a Nissa or two more to this deck, we may be able to get full value from that spell. I included it here because it's good but when you always have a Nissa in play, it's obviously better. Nissa's Triumph is even popular paired with ug Nissa, which I think is pretty powerful.

Oathbreaker is a burgeoning format but it's popular enough for EDHREC to bother coding for it so why not see if we can learn any lessons from them? Thanks for reading. Until next time!

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