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Brudi C.'s Wild Ride


I don't know what Brudi is, but here's a myr who's entirely clad in it.

Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer

Easily the most exciting card in the entire Saheeli deck from Commander 2018 (which came out weeks after Magic 2019, so figure that out), Brudiclad is the Myr Engineer to fear. Like Vela the Night-Clad and Krond the Dawn-Clad before, Brudiclad is a legendary build-around creature that is going to really knock people out, and if my Magic Christmasland brew is correct, it's going to knock people out in one shot.

Brudiclad is very expensive to get out of the Command Zone which means we'll want to protect it once it's out, but if we do, we'll be rewarded by a constant stream of value - we'll get a token every turn and the ability to turn every token we have into something pretty nasty. This means not only can we build around creatures with cool ETB abilities like Diluvian Primordial and Myr Battlesphere and get insane value out of them when we use Followed Footsteps, Rite of Replication, or other token producers, we can get insane value out of making those tokens all attack as the same creature, suddenly making Shared Animosity a pretty scary card. If only we could attack with something that REALLY stacked, like Marton Stromgald.

But wait! Can't we? Because there are two reasons we can't just run a Marton out and then attack with some Myr that are him. First of all, the creature you pick (it doesn't say target, which may or may not be relevant later) has to be a token. Marton is not a token without some help, so we're a bit stuck there. Once he is a token, the legend rule annihilates your whole board, making your plan seem foolish in hindsight. If only there were a card that solved both of those problems, preferably one that was recently printed and still fresh in everyone's minds.

Helm of the Host

Stacking the triggers so that the copy effect resolves first since both abilities trigger at the beginning of combat, you can make a non-Legendary copy of Marton Stromgald (or any Legendary creature you want but Marton seems the most fun to me) and then make every token you have into a copy of Marton so that when you swing, each token gives each other token a power and toughness boost equal to the number of creatures attacking. Is it possible that I'm entirely wrong about this? Yeah, I'm not a judge. I'm a lunatic who brews goofy stuff sometimes. I asked a judge friend of mine, though, so if this combo doesn't work, it's because I did a poor job phrasing my questions to them and you should still give me a hard time in the comments section.

The Saheeli deck gives us a pretty good base to work with, but if we want to build entirely from scratch and really maximize our token generation as well as our number of ways to win the game, we can throw out the entire precon and only keep a few of the new cards. In the deck as I see it, we'll want some mana rocks since our commander is expensive, some creatures that give us a ton of tokens or value when we make tokens from them, ways to make tokens, ways to benefit from having a ton of identical creatures and some creatures that are fun to attack with. That all seems pretty doable.

Looking at the new cards we get from Commander 2018, quite a few deserve consideration.

Saheeli, the Gifted
Saheeli, the Gifted makes a lot of tokens, gives us some value by reducing the cost of our spells and, in general, synergizes with Brudiclad because they were designed to be played together. This easily makes the cut.

Tawnos, Urza's Apprentice copies triggers from artifacts which will come up a few times a turn, most likely. Once our deck gets going, we'll have no shortage of triggers to choose from and doubling one of them is the kind of cheating that wins games. Since we'll be artifact-heavy, this is a slam dunk.

Ancient Stone Idol is a great choice to copy and it also gets cheaper to cast when you attack with a swarm of tokens the turn before. It's basically everything we want in a creature. It's not quite Blightsteel Colossus in terms of game-ending ability but it's also coming in the precon we're buying to get Brudiclad so let's use it.

Echo Storm seems like it can help us if we're struggling a bit because our commander keeps getting killed. If we can't manage to keep Brudiclad alive, making 3 or 4 copies of an artifact can take a bit of the sting out of it. Maybe copy your Gilded Lotus to mitigate that Commander tax. Whatever you decide, this deserves consideration and can help us cheese our way to a Mechanized Production win.

Nesting Dragon wasn't designed to go in this deck but it's not a bad token producer, all things considered. It's also the only token producer that can help us win through a board wipe, which is one of the deck's weaknesses. I say this gets some testing.

Saheeli's Directive can potentially play a ton of cards out of our deck, especially if we can afford to tap a lot of tokens for it. Sometimes the board gets gummed up and attacks won't be profitable and in those cases, a Genesis Wave seems like the play.

Loyal Apprentice gives us a free token every turn if we also have Brudiclad out. While having a card that only does something when things are going according to plan isn't the greatest, I don't know if we cut every uncommon that doesn't win us the game when we're losing and I'm pretty OK with this.

Finally, I think since we're attempting some Legendary creature shenanigans with our Helm of the Host, including the Godo combo and maybe Combat Celebrant in the deck seems appropriate. Other legendary creatures that can take advantage of Helm include Etali, Primal Storm and Marton Stromgald as mentioned above, but there isn't enough here to call it a subtheme.

Inspiring Statuary
Convoke will be a big help with a deck like this with a ton of tokens so anything that grants convoke will make the cut, especially since Brudiclad is expensive and may need to be recast. Inspiring Statuary, Chief Engineer, Whir of Invention, Saheeli's Directive and Grand Architect all deserve a look. There is a lot of synergy in a deck like this.

Skullclamp seems like it will do a lot of work if we are getting a free Brudiclad and Apprentice tokens every turn but can't make much happen. If we're going to clamp those delicate robot skulls, why not clamp some Locust skulls while we're at it? The Locust God is one of the best token generators in the game and rewards us for doing something we were going to try to do anyway - draw cards. We can even go find it with Godo, or I guess one of the copies of Godo we make.

Finally, there won't be a ton of room but I want to make the most of the instants and sorceries we use. One way to do this is play a few Snapcaster Mage effects in the deck because making a ton of copies of Archaeomancer is pretty good with utility Instants in the yard and having a way to get back Rite of Replication seems really saucy anyway. True we want a lot of artifacts in the deck, but Inspiring Statuary lets us use our tokens to cast non-artifact spells as well, so spells like Bribery and Vandalblast coupled with our token creation spells all make a little card called Metallurgic Summonings well worth it. And who's saying our instants and sorceries can only make copies of things? We can also make tokens very easily with spells like Spell Swindle, Brass's Bounty, and we can run non-instant powerhouse Storm the Vault. Ahoy! Value off the starboard bow!

This is pulling in a lot of directions but since everything synergizes with Brudiclad, the disparate strategies are unified under the banner of "get me that value" and the deck immediately begins to take shape by mere virtue of listing every card I discussed in the paragraphs above. Let's look at a list, shall we?

The Myr Implication | Commander | Jason Alt

This could easily have jammed another 100 cards in here and would have made me happy. There is a lot I am trying to accomplish with this deck and as built, it doesn't exactly reach what I consider to be its full potential. I want builders to customize it to their own liking, so here's how you can make this your own.

Grand Architect

I included a few combos beyond Godo, and an obviously powerful one is Pili-Pala with Grand Architect. Architect can help you do some serious work if you have a bunch of copies of a Blue creature but it can also generate infinite colored mana with Pili-Pala and there aren't that many good outlets for the mana. If you want this to feature heavily in the deck, consider tutors for the combo pieces and a few ways to spend that mana. I recommend Blue Sun's Zenith or even something like Fireball. Hangarback Walker and perhaps a sac outlet could help you use the mana, for example.

You could build myr tribal if you wanted. It's a little weak but you could make room for cards I cut like Shared Animosity and really double down on your Myr synergy with cards like Myr Turbine, Myr Reservoir, Myr Battlesphere and Myr Matrix. I included a few Myr mostly because I wanted their effects, but going Myr tribal gives you even more synergy. You can cut the Godo package and Pili-Pala package to make room.

Mechanized Production
If you want to add even more instants and sorceries, you can add Snapcaster Mage, Diluvian Primordial and maybe even Deadeye Navigator. Metallurgic Summonings is a good card but even without it, you can add cards that give you clue and treasure tokens when you cast them so that instead of using your turn to focus on making tokens, you create them incidentally by doing things like countering their spells, bouncing their permanents and destroying their permanents. You can decrease the number of creatures you run to make room since you'll either win with Mechanized Production, Hellkite Tyrant, or one good attack from something like Marton Stromgald or Blightsteel Colossus. It's a less synergistic but more explosive win but that's not to say the deck won't have synergy - the cards will help accrue tokens you can sac in a pinch to draw more cards or get mana. I like this strategy in particular because the power of Rite of Replication really does the heavy lifting and I might tutor for it to make sure I get it. Casting a kicked Rite on Molten Primordial and swiping a lot of their blockers and then making every token on your team a 6/4 can be very saucy as can casting a whole raft of their binned instants.

If you want to be all about combat, remove some of the cuter stuff to make room for cards like Aggravated Assault to ensure you serve over and over. Godo and Helm on its own can get there but if they have a way to keep dealing with the Godo tokens, you may need to go a bit wider and serve with a lot of creatures or you may not have anything large enough to KO everyone. Either play spells like Falter (not Falter, Falter sucks, but cards like it - Ruthless Invasion is a good one, as is Bedlam) and jam one of my favorite cards, Insurrection. You don't need to make everything a Blightsteel Colossus if a 4/4 for each opponents and the cards to attack 10 times gets there instead.

All in all, Brudiclad is very exciting and I look forward to building this deck this weekend. I will be leaning on the Helm shenanigans and building with those very much in mind, including Etali (I bought like 100 of them at $2 and I don't have enough decks for all of them! Yet.), a card I cut from this build. It was the 101st card, unfortunately. I'm looking forward to really going full 75% and using Mimic Vat, Clone Legion, and Faerie Artisans, among other cards, to take advantage of them playing good cards. However you build just remember that the value of the cards in these decks may look very different in a year and MSRP, even at $5 higher than last year, may look like a bargain in hindsight. If you want to buy singles, that's fine as well. We'll even sell them to you. Just remember that this product is for building new decks so get out there and build. Until next time!

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