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Magic Story 100: Alara to War of the Spark


War of the Spark is a Magic Story event a decade in the making. Well, four or so years in the making, but whose story threads stretch back a decade to the event known as the Mending. Sixty years ago in-fiction, the accumulated damage of millennia of reckless planeswalkers created a crisis on Dominaria. The Mending of Dominaria was the solution, as brave planeswalkers gave up their sparks and their lives to seal the rifts that threatened to destabilize the multiverse. The resulting Mending would significantly reduce the power of the god-like Planeswalkers so that such an event could never happen again. The elder dragon planeswalker Nicol Bolas, the Ravager was not inclined to give up his life or his power, but sealed a rift with the spark of a foe nonetheless. Bolas recognized the change coming to the Multiverse, and set about preparing for his eventual return to godhood.

This article was originally published as Magic Story: Alara to Amonkhet, but I've significantly revised that summary and updated it with Ixalan through War of the Spark. Please note that you can see my summaries of everything before the Mending in Magic Story: Elder Dragons to the Mending (Note that the dates aren't entirely accurate). You can also check out Magic Story 100: Where to Start if you want to figure out where to start reading the stories for yourself. Don't forget to check out the Magic Story page as well!

Each story section also contains a link to my longer story summaries on the given topic. This summary focuses on the planeswalker characters of each story.

Agents of Artifice

Jace, Tezzeret, and the Infinite Consortium

Many early story moments didn't get visual representations until later.

Art by Karl Kopinski

Decades after the Mending, the necromancer Liliana Vess came to Bolas for aid. She too once lived as a god, but only had a frail human body to fall back on. Bolas brokered four demonic deals on her behalf, restoring her youth and power. Liliana hoped she could find a way free of the deals before her debts came due, but as the time ticked by she was forced to turn back to Bolas for aid. She proposed a deal: the return of the Infinite Consortium, an organization usurped by Tezzeret the Seeker, in exchange for freedom from her debts.

Little did she know that Tezzeret had just recruited Jace Beleren, a telepath with no memory of his past. Jace had no stomach for Tezzeret's brutal tactics, and when he fled the organization, Liliana preyed on his vulnerability. She seduced the young mind mage, and when it was clear Jace had no intent of going after Tezzeret, she had to act. She manipulated events to make Jace believe that Tezzeret sought revenge on his old protégé, miring the two in conflict. Liliana's duplicity was revealed, and rather than play into her hands, Jace left Tezzeret for dead and the Consortium in shambles. Empty-handed, Liliana's hope for Bolas's aid evaporated, but Bolas himself gladly reclaimed the near-death Tezzeret.

The Purifying Fire

Chandra, Gideon, and the Purifying Fire

Gideon and Chandra's unlikely but enduring friendship has been a joy.

Art by Michael Komarck

The pyromancer Chandra Nalaar of Keral Keep, a pyromantic order founded on the teachings of Jaya Ballard, Task Mage, came into conflict with the Order of Heliud on her adopted plane of Regatha. After initially fleeing from the order and being pursued by the Order's bounty hunter, Gideon Jura, the pair bonded while trapped on a plane of perpetual night. Upon their return, Chandra decides to turn herself in against the wishes of her mentor, the mysterious Mother Luti.

When they arrived at the Order's stronghold, Gideon tipped Chandra off to the secret for surviving the Purifying Fire with her powers intact. When Chandra stepped into the Purifying Fire, she had accepted responsibility for her actions, and the flames allowed her to retain her magic. She promptly brought the Order's entire complex down around them and departed.

Shards of Alara

The World of Alara Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

It took years for Shards of Alara's climax to reach the cards.

Ajani's Last Stand by Slawomir Maniak

On Alara, the impending Conflux - the reunification of five shards - would provide Nicol Bolas with unimaginable power through the resulting Maelstrom... supposing he could give the inhabitants of the five shards a nudge toward war. The magical energies unleashed in a plane-wide war would swell the Maelstrom to massive size.

The elder dragon planted agents on each of Alara's five shards, but made a fatal mistake when a minion killed Jazal Goldmane, the brother of Ajani Goldmane, whose spark ignited in grief. In his quest for the killer, Ajani learned of Bolas's plot and met allies like the noble knight Elspeth Tirel. In their final confrontation, Bolas consumed the Maelstrom and defeated Ajani with casual ease. He was only stopped when Ajani managed to absorb a sliver of the remaining Maelstrom. Ajani used that power to summon a soul avatar of Bolas, and rather than fight his perfect equal, Bolas fled with his newfound power. In the aftermath, Elspeth would depart her adopted home of Bant, as the taint of Grixis reminded her too much of her twisted home plane.


The World of Zendikar Part I, Part II

Duels of the Planeswalkers Interstitials covered major plot beats like this one.

Art by Igor Kieryluk

A mystery planted by Bolas led Jace and Chandra into conflict with Bolas's thrall, Sarkhan Vol, at the Eye of Ugin. This event unlocked the Eldrazi prison, but when the ancient vampire Sorin Markov arrived to repair the damage, he found that his new ally Nissa Revane had other ideas. Nissa believed that shattering the prison would force the Eldrazi to leave, but all it did was allow the Eldrazi Titans to fully escape and begin devouring Zendikar. During his time in the Eye, the spirit of the long-dead elder dragon Ugin began to influence Sarkhan's mind.

Following Chandra's trail after her abrupt departure from Regatha, Gideon stumbles across the mounting Eldrazi threat on Zendikar, and vows to find help.

The Chain Veil

Liliana, Garruk, and the Veil

The longest simmering mysteries in Magic surround Liliana.

Art by Izzy

Without Bolas's aid, Liliana was forced to begin repaying her demonic debt. When Kothophed, Soul Hoarder sent Vess after The Chain Veil, Liliana turn its power on the demon. But was it really her choice, or a careful manipulation by the Raven Man, a mysterious being who has influenced her since her youth? Along the way, she cursed the beast mage Garruk Wildspeaker, infusing him with a dark power that began to corrupt and transform him into something... monstrous.

Side Stories: Dack Fayden and Conspiracies

Dack Fayden Part I, Part II, Fiora, The World of Conspiracy Part I, Part II

While side plots at first, both Dack Fayden and Kaya both return for WAR.

Regicide by Chris Rallis

Dack Fayden, the Greatest Thief in the Multiverse, stumbled across an artifact that led him to the Planeswalker who slaughtered his hometown: Sifa Grent. He tracked her through Innistrad, Grixis, and several other planes before finally landing back on his adopted home of Ravnica. There, he stopped her from consuming the life force of Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree and finally avenged his family and friends by killing Sifa.

Some time later, a mysterious gauntlet led him to Theros, where Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver was manipulating the dreams of the populace for nefarious ends. Dack entered the Underworld on Theros to stop Ashiok's plot, but the comic was cancelled on that cliffhanger.

On Dack's home plane of Fiora, the leaders of the High City of Paliano are in a constant state of political intrigue. Brago, King Eternal ascends as a ghost, only for his reign to be cut short by Kaya, Ghost Assassin... just in time for Queen Marchesa to take power. In the upheaval caused by Brago's death, Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast allied himself with Grenzo, Havoc Raiser to take revenge on the former colleagues that stole his work... and may have had a hand in attempting to murder him.

Scars of Mirrodin

The Fall of Mirrodin, The Rise of New Phyrexia

Karn disappeared during the Mending, and his fate was revealed here.

Art by Igor Kieryluk

After a chance meeting on Dominaria, Elspeth and Koth of the Hammer tracked down Venser, the Sojourner and coerced him into travelling to Koth's home plane, Mirrodin. While Koth was there to save his home, his allies were dealing with their own issues. Elspeth was confronting the demons of her past and Venser was in search of his old friend, the silver golem Karn. The journey was difficult for Elspeth, who grew up in a Phyrexian dungeon on another plane. The trio is aided by the duplicitous Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas, who had been sent by there by the elder dragon for secretive reasons. Along with a young Mirran woman immune to the Phyrexian Oil's infection, they cured Karn Liberated at the cost of Venser's life. But it was far too late for Mirrodin, and Karn departed to find a solution, leaving Koth and Elspeth fighting a losing battle against New Phyrexia. Elspeth lost track of Koth after a mission gone wrong, and was forced to planeswalk away to safety.


The World of Innistrad

Innistrad marked the cancellation of the novel line, and had only light story.

Art by Todd Lockwood

Liliana traveled to Innistrad in pursuit of Griselbrand, her second demon. There she instigated the destruction of the Helvault, a prison for demons created by Sorin as part of his efforts to keep his home plane safe. This freed both Avacyn, Angel of Hope (Sorin's angelic protector of the plane) and Griselbrand. With Garruk dogging her every step, Liliana tracked down her second demon and destroyed him. Unbeknownst to all involved, it also freed Nahiri, the Lithomancer, who had been sealed away by Sorin after an argument gone wrong a millennia before.

Return to Ravnica

Ravnica: The Living Guildpact

E-novellas written by the Creative Team filled the gap for RTR and Theros.

Jace, the Living Guildpact by Chase Stone

On Ravnica, Jace discovered the Implicit Maze, a failsafe created by Azor, the Lawbringer in the event the Guildpact was ever broken. Working against time and Ral Zarek, an Izzet guildmage also tracking the secrets of the Maze, Jace found himself in a literal race for the power behind the Maze. If the guilds couldn't work together, Azor's failsafe would instead grant the power to wipe out much of the city. Using his telepathy to bring the guild representatives together, Jace averted disaster and was imbued with the power of the Living Guildpact.

His power was tested early by Vraska the Unseen, a gorgon assassin working against the injustices of the guilds. Jace countered Vraska's plot, but Vraska's skills didn't go unnoticed by a certain elder dragon...


The World of Theros, Theros: Elspeth's Tragedy

Heliod's betrayal rocked the story community.

Art by Tyler Jacobson

After the tragedy on New Phyrexia, Elspeth returned to Theros, the plane where she acquired her sword, Godsend. Little did she know that the god-slaying sword was the key to a decade-old rivalry between Purphoros, God of the Forge and Heliod, God of the Sun. Caught in Xenagos, the Reveler's scheme to attain godhood, Elspeth killed her lover Daxos of Meletis when Xenagos made her believe Daxos was a Phyrexian monstrosity. Xenagos, God of Revels ascended into Nyx, but with the help of Ajani and a deal with Erebos, God of the Dead, Elspeth was able to reach the god-realm Nyx and defeat Xenagos. But a jealous Heliod turned on his former champion and killed her. Erebos claimed Elspeth's soul in the Underworld, while cruelly fulfilling their bargain by returning Daxos to unlife as a Returned.

Looking for massive sea creatures in her pursuit of weapons against the Eldrazi on her home plane of Zendikar, Kiora, the Crashing Wave instead 'acquired' the Bident of Thassa and returned home.

Magic 2015

Liliana, Garruk, and the Veil

Garruk's curse continued to worsen, and he began to take on demonic characteristics and grew progressively more murderous. Jace sent other planeswalkers after Garruk to stop him, but it was only through the use of a power dampening hedron implanted in Ob Nixilis, the Fallen that Garruk's transformation was halted. While Garruk's predations on planeswalkers stopped and he grew to accept his new state, his dark side remained. Ob Nixilis, a former Planeswalker also cursed to demonic form by the Chain Veil, regained his wings and much of his strength, now setting his sights on restoring his spark...


The Story of Tarkir Block (Official WotC Summary)

The Tarkir block marked the beginning of serialized Magic Story on the web.

Haven of the Spirit Dragon by Raymond Swanland

Ugin's voice in Sarkhan's head drove him to return home to Tarkir. There, he learned he wasn't mad at all, but host to the elder dragon Ugin's remaining essence. Driven by the voice, he discovered Ugin's resting place and traveled back in time 1,280 years to the moments before Ugin's death at the hands of his twin, Nicol Bolas. Using a hedron taken from Zendikar, Ugin was safely cocooned, to be restored after a millennia of rest. When Sarkhan returned to the present, the extinct dragons were instead dominant on the plane, and he found that his friend Narset Transcendent was alive but had no memory of their time together. The change in the timeline had erased Sarkhan from the history of Tarkir.

After the events at the Eye of Ugin, Sorin arrived on Tarkir to find his old ally Ugin and set Zendikar right once more. Freeing Ugin, the Spirit Dragon from his hedron cocoon, Ugin admonished Sorin to find Nahiri. Leaving out the details of their last confrontation, Sorin returned home.

Battle for Zendikar

The World of Zendikar Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI

A home field advantage in Nissa led to an unlikely first win by the Gatewatch.

Fall of the Titans and Bonds of Mortality by Chris Rallis

On Ravnica, Ral and Jace were forced into a tenuous alliance when Ral's Project Lightning Bug threatened to expose the existence of planeswalkers. Together they were able to trick Niv-Mizzet, Parun into believing the project a failure, but in the process they alerted Gideon that the Living Guildpact was a planeswalker. Burned out from fighting crime on Ravnica and the Eldrazi on Zendikar, Gideon turned to Jace for aid. Together they appealed to Chandra for help, but Chandra's new role as Abbot of Keral Keep and the insistence of her mentor, Mother Luti, kept her away.

On Zendikar, Jace and Gideon encountered Nissa as she attempted to make amends for unleashing the Eldrazi in the first place. Together they banded with Kiora and the Allies of Zendikar, but when Nissa's connection to the plane is suddenly cut off, she goes hunting for the cause. Across the plane, she discovers Ob Nixilis's plot to regain his spark, and defeats him. Meanwhile, the dam-city of Sea Gate becomes the final refuge of Zendikar's survivors - and the next target of Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. Jace departs to find a potential solution to reactivating the hedrons, only to find Ugin himself at the Eye. With a plan in place to trap Ulamog in the Aligned Hedron Network, Jace returns to the others. Together, the Allies' plan succeeds - only for Ob Nixilis Reignited to reappear, redirecting the power of the network into himself and reigniting his spark. Ob Nixilis summons Kozilek, the Great Distortion and then defeats Gideon, Jace, and Nissa one by one.

These events are witnessed by Chandra, who defies a proud Mother Luti - who had only wanted Chandra to figure out what she wanted - to rescue her friends. Chandra distracted Ob Nixilis enough for the others to free themselves, and together they ran off the demonic planeswalker. Together they vow to not let a tragedy like Sea Gate come to pass again, naming themselves the Gatewatch. They hatch a final, desperate plan that threatens to tear apart the plane itself, but moments before disaster they succeed in slaying the two Eldrazi titans remaining on the plane. Ugin is furious with the young planeswalkers, and Jace departs in search of Sorin Markov to aid in the search for Emrakul.

Shadows Over Innistrad

The World of Innistrad Part II, Part III

Nissa did not have the power on Innistrad she had on Zendikar.

Imprisoned in the Moon by Ryan Alexander Lee

On Innistrad, Jace first reached out to Liliana, whom he had rebuffed to help Gideon. Liliana was busy finding a way to separate herself from to Chain Veil, and warned him against approaching the Markov Manor. Jace discovers something amiss on the plane and goes mad pursuing the secret of the mysterious Cryptoliths. He eventually finds his way to Thraben Cathedral, where his madness is cured by Tamiyo, Field Researcher just before they're both attacked by an Avacyn gone mad. Sorin appears, and is forced to unmake his creation to save the plane.

All was as Nahiri, the Harbinger intended. She had created the Cryptoliths to summon the final Eldrazi titan, Emrakul, the Promised End, to Innistrad in revenge for Sorin imprisoning her and allowing the Eldrazi run rampant on Zendikar. Jace returned with the rest of the Gatewatch, but only Liliana and the Chain Veil were able to hold back the mutated spawn of Emrakul. Sorin and Nahiri dueled at Markov Manor, and Nahiri imprisoned Sorin in a wall to watch the final fate of his plane.

While Jace protected his allies' minds, Tamiyo used her forbidden scroll to summon enough power - the mana of an entire plane - to seal Emrakul inside Innistad's silver moon. In the aftermath, Tamiyo confessed to Jace that she hadn't been in full control, and that something about the spell was wrong. Their conclusion: Emrakul had intended to seal herself in the moon, with the mana of creation to sustain her.


The World of Kaladesh Part I, Part II

The seeds of Nicol Bolas's endgame were first planted on Kaladesh.

Art by Raymond Swanland

Months later on Ravnica, the Gatewatch were approached by the Consulate bureaucrat Dovin Baan for aid in dealing with renegades on his home plane of Kaladesh. Plane-bound politics not being the purview of the Gatewatch, Dovin returned home empty handed, but the encounter set off Chandra. Years ago, her spark had ignited when a cruel Consulate officer had tried to execute her for her magical abilities. Chandra returned to Kaladesh with Liliana in tow, only to find her mother, Pia Nalaar, alive and in charge of the renegade movement. Their reunion was cut short by her mother's capture at the hand of the nefarious Tezzeret.

With the rest of the Gatewatch in tow, including new addition Ajani - himself hunting Tezzeret for intel on Nicol Bolas - they rescued Pia. The spectacle was the justification Tezzeret needed for a coup, and the Gatewatch found themselves part of a revolution against the Consulate in the process. Tezzeret's true goal quickly became clear: the Planar Bridge, a device capable of transporting inorganic matter across planes. With the help of Kaladeshi native Saheeli Rai, Tezzeret and the Consulate are defeated... but Tezzeret escapes with the Bridge.

In the aftermath, the Gatewatch learn that Nicol Bolas has some grand design in mind, but their only clue involves the plane of Amonkhet. Ajani warns against confronting the elder dragon too soon before departing to find more allies. High on their string of victories, the rest of the Gatewatch ignore Ajani's advice and proceed to Amonkhet...


The World of Amonkhet

The Gatewatch quickly learned that their luck was running out.

Hour of Devastation by Simon Dominic

When the Gatewatch charge in to Amonkhet half-cocked, they're dismayed to find a society seemingly at peace, but with one fatal flaw: the populace are slaughtered in sacrificial trials attempting to earn a place in the afterlife. The ritual - seemingly at odds with the benevolent gods of Amonkhet - left the Gatewatch unsure of what to do. They rescue Samut, Voice of Dissent only to be subdued by the gods themselves, and forced to compete as sacrifices in the final trial.They saved Samut's childhood friend, Djeru, With Eyes Open, from Hazoret the Fervent's sacrificial spear, only for Amonkhet's end times prophecy to begin.

The end is heralded by Razaketh, the Foulblooded, the third of Liliana's demons. With the aid of the Gatewatch, Razaketh was killed, but their victory was punctuated by the deaths of Amonkhet's gods at the hands of their siblings, dark gods who were twisted by Nicol Bolas. One by one the gods fall until only Hazoret remains. Hazoret discovered Bolas's duplicity and was freed from the dark influence of the elder dragon. Legions of undead warriors coated in the magical Lazotep emerge from the city's Great Necropolis, and the truth of the trials of Amonkhet were laid bare. With the help of Samut and Djeru, Hazoret fends off The Scorpion God and escapes with her surviving people.

The Gatewatch confront Nicol Bolas only to find themselves severely outmatched. The elder dragon picked them apart with ease, shredding Jace's mind and forcing the others to flee. Upon their defeat, Nicol Bolas revelled in his victory and how near his return to godhood had become.


Recapping Ixalan, Recapping Rivals of Ixalan

No one would have expected Jace and Vraska to be the top MTG couple.

Mastermind's Acquisition by Svetlin Velinov

As Jace's mind was torn apart by Bolas's power, he unconsciously planeswalked and found himself an amnesiac on Ixalan. Unable to escape, his efforts to leave brought him to the attention of Vraska, Relic Seeker. Now the Captain of a pirate ship, Vraska was hired by Bolas to seek out The Immortal Sun, an artifact of great power that was preventing any planeswalker from leaving the plane. Seeing Jace's pitiful state, Vraska brought him aboard her crew, and the two bonded. Freed of the baggage of his memories, Jace found himself.

But as they raced to Orazca, the city where the Immortal Sun was hidden, Jace recovered his memories. His time with Vraska had made a huge impression on him. In Orazca, they encountered the sphinx Azor - trapped - having sacrificed his spark to create The Immortal Sun. They learned that Ugin and Azor conspired to trap Bolas over a millennia ago, but their plot was discovered, leading to Bolas's confrontation with Ugin on Tarkir.

Learning that Bolas had designs on Ravnica, Jace and Vraska were at an impasse. They obviously couldn't allow Bolas's plans to come to fruition. But neither did they want Vraska to be slaughtered if Bolas discovered she had turned on him. Jace locked away her true memories and implanted false ones to fool Bolas, omitting himself, and they agree that when Jace returned to Ravnica he would unlock her memories. Vraska cast the spell indicating she'd found The Immortal Sun, and Tezzeret spirited it away with the Planar Bridge.

The removal of The Immortal Sun freed Angrath, the Flame-Chained from over a decade of imprisonment on the plane, while Ixalan native Huatli, Radiant Champion was suddenly free to explore the multiverse. She went first to Kaladesh, where she struck up an immediate friendship with Saheeli.


The Story of Return to Dominaria

I was not expecting to ever feel empathy for Liliana.

In Bolas's Clutches by Zack Stella

The rest of the Gatewatch arrived safely on Dominaria. Broken from the battle, Nissa quit the Gatewatch to return home, and Chandra departed to find Jaya Ballard - and greater power. Liliana was left to tend to a wounded Gideon, and they took refuge at a nearby village. Soon they discovered that Liliana's brother, Josu Vess, Lich Knight, had been leading Cabal forces at their ancestral manor. Liliana defeated Josu, but at great personal emotional cost. The two planeswalkers met up with Ajani and the crew of the Weatherlight, and Liliana and Gideon slowly rubbed off on one another over their journey. Aboard the Weatherlight, their mission was to stop the leader of the villainous Cabal, and Liliana's final demon, Demonlord Belzenlok.

Disappointed with the others' reckless actions, Ajani departed again to find more allies for the fight against Bolas. Aboard the Weatherlight, Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain helped Gideon recruit Teferi, Hero of Dominaria and provided a powerstone containing Teferi's lost spark. Together, they went in search of Karn, Scion of Urza, only to find the planeswalker golem digging for the ancient Golgothian Sylex, the artifact of terrifying power that nearly destroyed Dominaria in Urza's Ruinous Blast. In addition, they find Chandra accompanied by her mentor Mother Luti, revealed to have been [Jaya Ballard] incognito all along.

A frantic Jace returned to them then, only to depart again when his allies refused to prioritize Ravnica over Dominaria and Liliana's final demon. Surmising that Liliana is merely using them to be free of her burden, Jace's words cut at Liliana, whose toxic relationship with the younger man had deeply impacted both over the years. When they finally slew Belzenlok using the power of the Blackblade Reforged, Liliana decided to help her friends against Bolas... only to discover her demonic debts had defaulted to Bolas. Given the choice between death or subservience, Liliana chooses life.

With new Gatewatch member Teferi, along with the aid of allies Karn and Jaya, the Gatewatch regrouped for their final confrontation with Nicol Bolas.

Side Stories: Battlebond, Vivien Reid, and Children of the Nameless

On Kylem, in the arena of Valor's Reach, brave contests battle against each other in non-lethal tests of skill and prowess. Rowan Kenrith and Will Kenrith are among the contestants. Turns out some places in the multiverse ARE sunshine and rainbows, just not the ones we usually look at. Anyway, back to doom and gloom.

Nicol Bolas blew up Vivien's homeworld of Skalla, leaving only herself and Vivien's Arkbow as the last remnants of the lost plane. On Ixalan, Vivien freed a Dusk Legion menagerie before departing to find stronger spirits for her Arkbow to take down the elder dragon.

Meanwhile, Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage was hiding out on Innistrad from an interplanar group that wanted the Entity - a shard of a worldsoul - that resided in his mind. After a spot of bother, involving a girl with mysterious music powers and a second entity, he resumed his relaxations. But not for long...

Guilds of Ravnica and Ravnica Allegiance

After years of waiting, Bolas's end game is finally here.

Thousand-Year Storm by Dimitar

Back on Ravnica, at the behest of Niv-Mizzet, Ral began construction on the Interplanar Beacon, which would summon allies to Ravnica to fight the elder dragon. It turned out the ancient dragon was well aware of the existence of planeswalkers and the threat Nicol Bolas posed. Returning from Ixalan, Vraska assumed leadership of the Golgari, unaware of the truth. Kaya was hired to assassinate the Obzedat, Ghost Council, leaders of the Orzhov Syndicate, and found herself guildmaster upon their deaths - much to the chagrin of Orzhov Matriarch Teysa Karlov.

With the Living Guildpact missing, the Izzet attempted to hold a Guild Summit, but Vraska assassinated the Azorius Guildmaster, Isperia, Supreme Judge, as revenge for the wrongs done to her as a youth. Dovin, Grand Arbiter ascended to leadership of the Azorius upon Isperia's death. The young and reckless Domri Rade took nominal control of the Gruul after the Summit's failure, challenging and emerging victorious against Borborygmos. Left with no other options, Ral attempted to activate a device which would grant Niv-Mizzet power to take on Bolas, but it was sabotaged by Dovin just as Nicol Bolas's arrival was imminent. Ral activated the Interplanar Beacon in desperation, summoning planeswalkers from across the multiverse to their aid.

War of the Spark

Finally, Nicol Bolas's plans have come together. Planeswalkers from across the Multiverse are arriving on Ravnica, summoned by the Beacon. With the Immortal Sun activated, they cannot escape him, nor the Eternal Dreadhorde brought to Ravnica by the Planar Bridge and commanded by the necromantic magics of his thrall, Liliana Vess. The Elderspell will allow him to harvest planeswalker sparks through the Eternals, and Nicol Bolas's godhood is once again in sight.

The War of the Spark has begun.

Not the End

While this story summary has been a blast to update, I probably won't be updating it again for a couple years... except for next month, when it will be revised to include the ending to War of the Spark! I hope you appreciated this trip down memory lane (or TL;DR summary of the last decade of Magic storytelling).

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