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Nicol the Elder's Holiday Song


Merry Christmas, everyone! Every year for Christmas I do a holiday parody with a recent or upcoming plotline. You can check out The Night Before Christ'mrakul and A Visit from Lord Nicolas from the last two years on my blog. This year I ran a poll on my twitter account and Frosty the Snowman was the top pick! Enjoy my... *ahem*... revised lyrics here with a slightly tweaked version of The Eldest Reborn by Jenn Ravenna!

Nicol the Elder

Nicol the Elder

Was a very wicked soul

With curling horns and a goblin snout

And his eyes burning like coal

Nicol the Elder

The gods and children he misled

And they were surprised when

Their promised afterlives

Were to be Eternalized instead

The Great Mending took his magic

But Ol' Nicol didn't pout

He drank the Maelstrom's power

And let the Eldrazi out

Nicol the Elder

Was like a god they say

And his twin Ugin

Wanted to do him in

But Ol' Nicol doesn't play

Nicol the Elder

Wanted a bridge between the planes

So he sent Tezzeret

To the Consulate

And Rashi's tech he gains

So down to little Naktamun

With mischief on his mind

Nicol unleashes Devastation

His endgame has begun!

He led the Gatewatch by the nose

He took the Immortal Sun

Liliana knows she belongs to him

So much for those heroes!

Nicol the Elder

Has set a trap for you

So say goodbye

It's time to cry

Ravnica is through

Thumpety thump thump

Thumpety thump thump

Look at Nicol fly

Thumpety thump thump

Thumpety thump thump

You're all gonna die

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