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The History of Mythic Editions


At the end of the Bolas saga we are left with one more Mythic edition and it's the one that a lot of people have been waiting for. This week I want to look at the historic prices and predict what we are likely to see in the future.

History of Mythic Editions

The first, Guilds of Ravnica: Mythic Edition, was both a success and a huge failure. The planeswalker selection and frame choice were largely regarded as some of the best for a premium product but the distribution method was miserable. The Hasbro Toyshop website was not set up to deal with the immense amount of traffic that would hit when orders opened. Anyone who had previously tried to order a SDCC box set would have had similar experiences to share. It took over 2 hours from the time that they were scheduled to be available for anyone to actually check out. As a result this is the most difficult product to find. Many people who wanted them were unable to order them and it seemed Wizards of the Coast had underestimated the number of people that would attempt to purchase them. Even if ordering had been flawless, the Hasbro Toyshop did not ship internationally which left players in Asia, South America, and Europe with no ability to even purchase them. It's safe to say this is probably the worst case scenario for a release and the prices show that.

The second, Ravnica Allegiance: Mythic Edition, was much better in some ways but also much worse in others. The selection of planeswalkers was much worse and it didn't help that one of the better ones was pretty underrated at the time. The distribution method this time was through the Hasbro eBay shop which did not go down during the order period and was able to ship worldwide. As a result, I was able to check out within a minute of the ordering being open. Many people were able to quickly and easily order the quantity they desired. As a result, you can find sealed packages close to MSRP as people have been unable to make the easy money they did last time.

What's in a Mythic Edition?

I'm going to start off and say that the booster packs that are included we can basically ignore. People aren't buying these things for the 24 booster packs included in a mythic edition. The 8 premium full art planeswalkers are the reason people are willing to pay $250 plus tax and shipping. Right now, you can find sealed copies of Ravnica Allegiance: Mythic Edition (RAV:ME) for $320 but the Guilds of Ravnica: Mythic Edition (GRN: ME) is no lower than $650. Clearly this has to do a lot with what's inside and not entirely about availability.

Guilds of Ravnica

The GRN: ME contains the following planeswalkers, listed in order of price:

Individually they sell for $718 so you would save a few bucks buying the box set but really the biggest thing here is three of the 8 cards can anchor the set over $100 each. With Teferi and Liliana seeing expensive play in multiple Constructed formats and carrying a non-foil price tag of $50 normally, it's not hard to see why they're so expensive. Even though there is a pretty lackluster walker in Daretti, the set as a whole hits a lot of important notes to keep many different types of players interested.

Ravnica Allegiance

The RAV: ME contains the following planeswalkers, listed in order of price:

Individually they sell for $353 which is not much more than what people are trying to sell the sealed set for. At that point it's better to get them sealed even if you don't want some of the cheaper ones. The booster packs are probably worth it alone. Here, there aren't quite as many good walkers in multiple formats. Tamiyo is great in Commander, Dack in Cube and Vintage, Karn and Kaya are great in Standard but the lack of a multi-format planeswalker really holds this set back. None of them individually are as expensive as Liliana or Teferi so this one falls flat. When you add the fact everyone that wanted one was likely able to purchase one easily for $250, there just isn't much demand for the remainder. I think this will change in the following set.

War of the Spark

The WAR: ME contains the following planeswalkers, listed in order of price (for the cheapest version):

All of these planeswalkers individually are worth about $247 in their cheapest form. These will sell out. What their future price is anyone's guess. The most expensive version of Jace is the Worldwake foil which sells for about $600. This box set alone could end up being $1000 or more on secondary market. This set is just head and shoulders above the previous two.

A New Challenger Arrives

While I was writing this article there was some news shown that make me change about what will be the most desirable version of these planeswalkers. Here, Wizards of the Coast announced there was a special collaboration and special art Japanese planeswalker cards available in the packs. These cards are available in foil and are honestly beautiful. These may be the most premium of the versions that money can buy and could be a big reason the Mythic edition doesn't sell as many as it could have. I personally am having a hard time justifying buying both but they're so cool I might anyway.

What are your plans for the set? Are you going to try to order a mythic edition or save your money for the sweet Japanese planeswalkers?

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