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Don't Forget Me: Mirrodin


So, I wanted to start a new article series and take a step back and a take a broader look on the cost of Magic cards as a whole. With the increased frequency of Masters sets and the increased age of the cards that need reprints, it’s important to understand what’s been neglected and what will happen when something gets reprinted. I’m going to call it the “Don’t Forget Me” series. Today, we’ll start with some Modern cards but I hope to eventually include cards from the pre-Modern era in this series as well.

Mirrodin is the oldest set in Modern but it’s also had some of the most reprint help. Many of the staples of this set have been reprinted, sometimes even multiple times. There are still cards that need more help and some that are going to start needing it soon.

Chalice of the Void

The most expensive card from this set is Chalice of the Void, and that might surprise some people because it just got reprinted. The issue with this card is the voracious demand for it. The colorless Eldrazi from Oath of the Gatewatch has sky rocketed the demand for this card as it is a premier colorless beatdown deck that isn’t susceptible to the same artifact hate cards that affinity decks are. This high demand card will be similar to Tarmogoyf or Dark Confidant and will probably rebound pretty strongly if it is included in another Masters set. If you need copies to play with now, I’d recommend getting them as soon as possible because another price drop isn’t on this card’s horizon.

Mesmeric Orb

Mesmeric Orb might look like an odd card to put on this list but did you know it’s $20? It’s a staple in the best version of the Modern mill deck and also casual mill decks everywhere. Similar to Glimpse the Unthinkable it will probably decrease greatly when it gets reprinted. It’s not a high demand card but it is a very rare card because rares from this time period are rarer than current mythics. Also this card is pretty old and the player base and print runs weren’t nearly as large. If you’re looking to get a copy or more of this, you will be well rewarded in waiting for a reprint, but thanks to how niche the card is, a reprint will probably not be coming soon. It took a very long time for Glimpse the Unthinkable to get reprinted and it was much more expensive for a longer period of time.

Tooth and Nail

Tooth and Nail is another pretty expensive card that is pretty expensive due to rarity but I have a feeling a reprint won’t quite tank the price. Tooth and Nail is a popular Commander card that is just outside the sweet spot where players will own more than one copy. I can see this going from $18 to $10 after a Masters set reprint which will help keep the EV of the packs up without completely killing the reprint equity. This is the perfect type of card to use to make a good Masters set. The biggest problem with this card is that it has entwine, so that mechanic would need to be included on a few more cards in the set and none of the rest of them are particularly good reprint targets.

Ancient Den

If you thought this was going to be all rares, you’re going to be sadly mistaken. Since the popularity of Pauper has exploded, this card has seen its price float above all of the other artifact lands. It’s pretty odd since White is not generally known as the color that plays best with artifacts. The popular Pauper Boros deck plays Great Furnace as well, but that has been reprinted in two more supplemental products than Ancient Den. At this point, all of the artifact lands are a few dollars and could be played at some point in Pauper, so reprinting the 5 of them and some metalcraft cards makes for an easy draft format. These will likely still be $0.50 to $1 after a reprint so they can help prop up some set value in the commons.

Talisman of Progress

We’re at the point that these cards have some relevant and important text due to colorless requirements on spells. Signets have been reprinted a few times now, so it wouldn’t be too out of character to include the Talismans in the same capacity. The problem is that there are only 5 allied colored ones and no enemy colored ones. I’m not sure if there is any leniency in Masters sets to include new cards, but including enemy colored Talismans would also be great for Cubes and Commander decks. At this point, there are a several that are a few dollars so it wouldn’t take much more popularity to drive them into “this is a stupid amount of money for an uncommon mana rock” territory.

While there are definitely more cards that can, and probably will, be reprinted from Mirrodin, I can’t list all of them with any kind of detail or my articles will start looking like Vorthos Mike’s. If you enjoyed this, wanted some more information, or have a question please leave some comments below! I don’t always have time to answer them but I always read them!

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