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With Liquimetal Coating, Everything Can Be Shattered Or Stolen!


Liquimetal Coating has long been a part of Karn, the Great Creator sideboards.

Liquimetal Coating
Karn, the Great Creator

Liquimetal Coating turns your opponent's lands into artifacts, and then Karn's +1 ability makes them into 0/0 creatures which kills them. It takes a turn to set up, but is obviously a very powerful thing to do every single turn.

But what if we had bigger plans?

Time Stamps:

00:05:04 - Match 1

00:46:06 - Match 2

01:01:47 - Match 3

01:20:00 - Match 4

01:48:22 - Match 5

Well, the deck's concept is super sweet, but the games just didn't play out so well.

Kolaghan's Command
Thieving Skydiver

The primary plan is a simple one; use Liquimetal Coating to turn your Kolaghan's Commands and Abrades into Vindicates and your Thieving Skydiver into a cheap Confiscate. All three cards are reasonable enough on their own, while you surround them with the more typical Grixis midrange cards.

However, it feels like the deck is pushing It a little too far. There are only 3 Liquimetal Coating, aside from the one that Karn can find, which means that you don't have it every game. This led to being clunked up on Kolgahan's Commands and Thieving Skydivers more than I would have liked. Working with more cantrips like Serum Visions, while perhaps leaving behind the Mishra's Bauble/Lurrus engine may be best. If you're not going to be fast, you need to interact more and be more consistent.

Still, the deck is a super cool concept that is somewhat proven, as Magic Online player daibloXSC took the deck to a 5-0 finish in a league recent. And who doesn't love smashing stuff?

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