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Did You Know That Monastery Mentor Was Legal In Standard?


Standard is pretty big right now, but as I talked about last Friday, the format has not only been awesome but experiencing quite a few big innovations!

Monastery Mentor
Helping Hand

Yes, that's correct. Monastery Mentor is not only surprisingly legal in Standard (thank you March of the Machine), but also a key part of an exciting new Standard deck looking to put it into play for a single mana while playing a bunch of cheap spells!

Time Stamps:

03:39 - Match 1

30:13 - Match 2

46:44 - Match 3

Seeing a Standard deck with 17 one-mana spells that isn't Mono-Red Aggro is a beautiful thing, and this deck is honestly a work of art. The original list came from Zendikatt who came in 2nd place of a MTGO Challenge, but I've made some changes.

Ledger Shredder
Picklock Prankster
Haughty Djinn

Ledger Shredder was not really in a lot of the earlier lists I saw, despite seeming like the literal perfect card for this deck. It's a great enabler for putting cards in the graveyard, as well as just a great singular threat in a deck that is somewhat threat light. And it can even be brought back with a reanimation spell in a pinch. Picklock Prankster is another great enabler (that can even find Halo Forager) and Haughty Djinn is another potentially huge threat.

Cut Down
Bitter Triumph

Add this to some great Black interaction and you've got a deck that has a fantastic synergy plan as well as good interaction and a fast clock.

It's also a blast to play!

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