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A Little Poison To Solve Mono-White's Issues


Mono-White Midrange had been a popular deck for a while in Standard, melding the excellent removal of Lay Down Arms and Ossification along with a bevy of great midrange threats. However, once Atraxa, Grand Unifier and friends came along and Reckoner Bankbuster was banned, the deck fell out of favor.

Charge of the Mites
Skrelv's Hive

In a beautiful and odd deck-building twist, all it needed to get back on the map was some help from some little poison buddies!

Time Stamps:

02:46 - Match 1

15:45 - Match 2

30:15 - Match 3

Most Standard Toxic decks are built as aggressive decks, with a bunch of cheap toxic creatures and protection spells centering around Venerated Rotpriest. However, this very unique build melds the midrange and removal powers of Mono-White Midrange into a shell that can also kill quickly when needed.

Skrelv's Hive
Tocasia's Welcome

The whole deck is built around the core of Skrelv's Hive, Tocasia's Welcome, and Mirrex, which provides you with a never-ending stream of threats. The removal helps you play offense or defense, while cards like Skrelv, Defector Mite and Jawbone Duelist can provide a fast clock when needed against control or ramp decks.

I've been extremely impressed with this deck each time I've played it, as it attacks the format from a unique angle, while also having a solid chance against Domain Ramp which is usually the midrange killer.

Don't be afraid to be a little toxic!

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