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A Motley Crew Of Elves In Standard!


We haven't had a typal set in a while.

Rundvelt Hordemaster
Champion of the Perished
Geistlight Snare

Sure, there are various typal synergies in Standard, but without a set or two fully dedicated to supporting various creature types, there just aren't enough creatures to fill out the roster.

Well it may surprise you, but there are actually a lot of elves in Standard!

Time Stamps:

02:19 - Match 1

16:45 - Match 2

38:40 - Match 3

Yes that's right, Glissa Sunslayer? An elf! Fleetfoot Dancer? An elf! Werefox Bodyguard? Uh... yeah I guess that's a Mono-White fox elf!

Glissa Sunslayer
Fleetfoot Dancer
Werefox Bodyguard

It's quite the crew, but when you add it all up you've got a pretty solid roster of elves. Gala Greeters and Llanowar Loamspeaker provide a bit of mana boost and fixing, while the Caberetti elves provide some beats with value. There's no doubting the power of Glissa Sunslayer, and getting some unexpected removal from Werefox Bodyguard is most welcome.

However, it's the top end that makes it all happen.

Voja, Jaws of the Conclave
Roaming Throne

Voja, Jaws of the Conclave is a huge card to play to, with ward protecting it and a bunch of keywords, and a backbreaking attack trigger that will draw you a card and pump your entire squad up. Also hanging out on the top end is the awesome Roaming Throne, which can help you double up on your mana elf triggers to give you some serious top end value. Having ward 2 and being immune to Go for the Throat is also an excellent place to be.

Cavern of Souls
Secluded Courtyard

Throw in some awesome manafixing with upside from Cavern of Souls as well as Secluded Courtyard and you've got a somewhat odd but awesome typal deck in Standard! The deck may fall a little short of the highest levels of competitive play, but it's a blast for FNM or MTG Arena!

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