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Historic Mono-Black Golos Control


Mono Black Control is one of Magic's classic archetypes.

Cabal Coffers
Diabolic Tutor

When Cabal Coffers was first printed in Torment many years ago, it was the backbone to an extremely powerful Mono-Black Control shell that was one of the best decks in both Odyssey Block Constructed as well as Standard. It could do almost anything; draw cards, make tons of mana, make big plays, sweep the board... you name it. And ever since Cabal Coffers has been a favorite card from kitchen tables to the biggest Commander games.

Well, it's time to take Mono-Black Control into the future!

Time Stamps:

00:04:32 - Match 1

00:19:16 - Match 2

00:52:09 - Match 3

01:43:46 - Match 4

This deck was mostly built by one of my favorite players Autumn Burchett, with a few small changes I have made.

Cabal Stronghold
Blood on the Snow
Mastermind's Acquisition

At its core, this deck has a lot in common with the classic Mono-Black Control decks of old. We have Cabal Stronghold standing in for Cabal Coffers, with big plays like Blood on the Snow as well as the tutoring effect of Mastermind's Acquisition and various removal and card draw elements.

Golos, Tireless Pilgrim
Solemn Simulacrum
Mind Stone

What makes the deck super interesting however is its artifact enablers. Golos, Tireless Pilgrim acts like a super charged Solemn Simulacrum, helping to go fish out and power up Cabal Stronghold, while also fetching The World Tree. Why The World Tree? Well with The World Tree out, you can activate Golos's ability to cast spells for free, as well as unlock spicy off-color sideboard cards like the ultimatums. Both Solemn and Golos also are awesome with Blood on the Snow, allowing you to ramp into the powerful sweeper and then come right back with even more lands.

While it may need a little help against combo decks, this deck is a blast to play and has some very serious game!

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