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Here Comes the Sun Titan


It's always awesome when an old school deck rises from the ashes to make waves once again.

Emeria, the Sky Ruin
Sun Titan

Mono-White (or mostly Mono-White) decks in Modern featuring the endgame of Emeria, the Sky Ruin, a bunch of Plains, and Sun Titan were a thing in Modern waaay back when, but hasn't been seen in a very long time.

Well, they've printed a whole bunch of awesome White cards in the last few years, so it's time to bring it back!

Time Stamps:

00:03:32 - Match 1

00:36:34 - Match 2

00:58:06 - Match 3

01:29:12 - Match 4

02:04:05 - Match 5

Magic Online user Bob49 took a version of this deck to Top 8 of a Modern Challenge, which is where I got the original list, but I have made a bunch of changes.

Wall of Omens

At its core, this is mostly a blink deck.

You've got Ephemerate and a bunch of other enters the battlefield effects, from Wall of Omens all the way up to Solitude and Sun Titan. Ephemerate is among the most powerful cards in the format regardless, but Flickerwisp, Charming Prince, Yorion, Sky Nomad, and even the bounce from Teferi, Time Raveler all allow you to reuse these abilities over and over again for value.

Skyclave Apparition
Esper Sentinel

However, what makes the deck very exciting is how many good cards it gets to play now! Skyclave Apparition, Esper Sentinel, Solitude, Prismatic Ending, Teferi, Time Raveler... these are some of the best cards in the format, and getting to play them all alongside the blink/Emeria, the Sky Ruin engine gives the deck an excellent amount of raw power as well as staying power.

There's still work to be done on fine tuning the list, but this is an excellent fair and grindy deck for Modern that lines up very well with other fair decks. I look forward to continuing work on it!

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