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A Very Odd Mono Black Standard Deck


Obosh is a tough nut to crack.

As I spoke about last Friday in my Limited article about companions, Obosh is very weird because of how important the 2-drop slot is to most decks. 1-drops aren't always the best and skipping turn two can be backbreaking. There have been some Rakdos Obosh decks, but the mana is so bad that lands entering the battlefield tapped or having the wrong colors makes things even worse.

Whisper Squad
Heraldic Banner
Hunted Nightmare

Enter Aaron Barich and her very straightforward Mono-Black Obosh deck and you've solved most of these problems. With a whopping 22 cards you can play for only one mana, you're never out of luck on turn two, and the brilliant adaptation of Heraldic Banner helps to both solve curve issues and make sure your 1-drops are relevant. Throw in some big baddies like Hunted Nightmare and Rotting Regisaur and we've got quite the brew.

Time Stamps:

00:06:14 - Match 1

00:23:03 - Match 2

00:40:03 - Match 3

01:04:54 - Match 4

01:17:45 - Match 5

Considering how many times we had to mulligan this set, our record was pretty impressive.

Drill Bit

The discard spells were key, allowing us to sculpt our early game around our threats and then land a huge Obosh for the kill. Whisper Squad also overperformed, giving us an army in a can while also playing amazingly well with Heraldic Banner. And as always, Castle Locthwain is just unbelievable as a mana sink in any long game.

If you like old school Magic of playing discard and huge creatures, like being aggressive, or just want a deck that's very easy on the wildcards, Mono-Black Obosh is a nice one!

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