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Can't Go For The Throat That! Izzet Synther Twin In Standard!


"Dies to Doom Blade" may be a joke, but there's no doubt that efficient removal is a big deal in constructed formats.

Go for the Throat

Right now, Go for the Throat is the Doom Blade variant of choice in Standard, and being able to kill anything from Monastary Swiftspear to Raffine, Scheming Seer to Sheoldred, the Apocalypse to Trumpeting Carnosaur is big game.

But what if I told you there was a deck that completely dodged the number one removal spell in the format while also having the ability to put around 40 power into play on turn four and also play a long game too?


Time Stamps:

03:05 - Match 1

13:51 - Match 2

32:07 - Match 3

It's all about Simulacrum Synthesizer.

Simulacrum Synthesizer
Skitterbeam Battalion

Simulacrum Synthesizer is a very powerful engine card, allowing you to churn out huge "Karnstruct" tokens over and over again as the game progresses. This is great with cards like Cryptic Coat or even mana rocks like The Celestus, but where things get wild is with Skitterbeam Battalion. Skitterbeam Battalion's tokens copy the mana value too, meaning that if you cast a 5 mana Skitterbeam Battalion with a Simulacrum Synthesizer in play, you get three 2/2s and three Karnstructs (which are going to be at least 7/7s). That's a lot of power and a very high ceiling for two cards that are totally reasonable by themselves!

Urabrask's Forge
Legion Extruder
Enthusiastic Mechanaut

Throw in some great other engine artifacts like Urabrask's Forge and Legion Extruder, as well as little acceleration with the sneaky but forgotten Enthusiastic Mechanaunt, and you've got a deck that can play a little bit of a control game while it sets up some incredible engines that get more and more powerful as the game goes on.

A deck that is both individually powerful but also attacks the metagame in a unique way? Sign me up!

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