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Can You Get Arrested For Playing Tron In Modern? Maybe!


I knew Freestrider Lookout was a card with huge potential.

Freestrider Lookout

When I did my set review for Outlaws of Thunder Junction, I gave Freestrider Lookout the "Best In Show" award for Green. While I wasn't quite sure what people were going to do with it, I knew the card had huge potential as a way to ramp and tutor lands.

Leave it to noted Modern brew master aspiringspike to be the one to figure it out!

Time Stamps:

01:21 - Match 1

30:50 - Match 2

49:54 - Match 3

Freestrider Lookout is good at finding lands. Tron decks want to find the right lands. It all just makes sense, right?

Relic of Progenitus
Force of Negation

Relic of Progenitus is the number one crime enabler in the deck, also just being a maindeckable hate card as well as cantrip. With a Relic in play, you can crime on demand, often getting two lands per turn cycle thanks to your pitch spell crimes. Force of Negation and Subtlety are both awesome in this deck, protecting you, doing crimes, and being great draws off of The One Ring.

The One Ring
Karn, the Great Creator

Speaking of The One Ring, it and Karn, the Great Creator are the lynchpins of the deck. The One Ring is obviously a huge card draw engine, but it's really Karn and his ability to pull out silver bullets as well as win conditions all in one neat package that gets the job done.

There's still a lot of work to be done figuring out the optimal configurations for Freestrider Lookout, but there's no doubt there's a lot to do with it and this is a super interesting way to go about it!

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